Age Graded Percentage Excel spreadsheet

Hi, I've had a Google but can't find what I want.

My running club has a Club Championship, which is worked out on an runner's age-graded percentage.  Currently the process of working out the % for each race and runner is a manual process, which is time consuming and prone to errors.

I know there are Excel tables and online calculators that work out an individual runner's percentage based on gender, age, race distance and time (the current person who runs the championship uses an online calculator, so has to type the details in for each runner).  What I am looking for is a spreadsheet that works out the age graded percentage for a list of runners, automatically for a given race.  I would obviously provide the gender, age, race distance and race time for a race for each of the runners in the list, and I want the age grading to be worked out from looking up the details from the tables.

Does anyone know if such a thing exists?


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    It's going to be one big detailed spread sheet that one.
    Age grading involves age, gender and distance. It also has to cover the times in seconds.
    That's a lot of variables.
    The % score which is restricted to two decimal places for convenience is another clue to why such a thing probably doesn't exist.

  • The factors you need are available for men and women in Excel here:

    Assuming that your race distance is one of those listed, a formula to pick the right table based on gender, then look up the right column for the distance and row for age would be straightforward.  Once you've got the age factor you use that to calculate age grading from the race time.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    CD, yeah I've seen that and would use that data for the look up from my own spreadheet. I was just wondering if someone had already done it, before I do it myself....

    Ric, the data is available to do what I want. I was just wondering if someone has already done it to save a job. 
  • Try searching Howard Grubb and download the excel file.
  • big-G did you ever get this automated. 
    I have run our club champs for the last 12 months via a manual method and really want to speed it up for 2018

    So I’m in the same boat you were, I’m prepared to don’t myself but would love it if someone else had already done it and was willing to share their method
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    I do our club champs and have for years.
    It's built on the Grubb tables and periodically you have to adjust the times.
    Ideally this should be every year, I do it every 2 or 3, after all the changes are small, and everyone is on the same tables anyway.
    The Park Run geeks bitch about their 5k age grading being a bit different (74.12% versus 74.23%) but I file those comments away under "meh"

    I've not looked at the tables for a while so will double check how easy it was to implement.
    You need athletes and their ages but generally type in a time and it returns the age grading. 

  • It would be so much better if a mathematician could come up with a excel formula which closely agrees with the curve of running performance against age, so that age, time and distance could be fed into the equation without looking up tables. It's not a weird shaped curve...a steady increase in ability from childhood to adulthood followed by a plateau in young adulthood...then a gradual drop off with time, slow in the middle years and quickening into old age. The standard open time for the distance would be a constant and the change in the percentage of standard time for every year of age would be calculated according to the formula. Surely it can't be so difficult in these days of simulated space travel to obtain, by a process computerised iteration, a formula to mimic the observed performance data. Even if there needed to be one formula for childhood to adulthood and another for decline in later life, it would be worthwhile. Looking up these tables is just like we used to do for logarithms when I was at school in the 1960s...before we even had slide rules let alone calculators!
  • Hi all,

    I looked into this a few years ago and couldn't find anything so using the howard grubb tables I created something...Its not completely refined but it does automatically calculate age grading for most of the main road distances. If its of interest I can top and tail it and share the spreadsheet. I also to the results for my running club :)
  • Harry Lalli - if you could share your spreadsheet, that would be very helpful :)
  • hi - did you guys get a XLS sorted?
    just trying to achieve the same result for my club.
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