Rhayader 'Round the Lakes' 20

With this fast approaching (4th March) and a fantastic endorsement in this months RW mag the organisers have had a glitch on the online entry system. Entries are welcome on the day and it is a perfect warm up for Manchester or London. 
A long hill to get you warmed up from about 3 to 6 miles but then its a beautiful  undulating course back to Rhayader. 
Usually virtually traffic free but lots of marshals and aid stations - bring long sleeves and a hat - it can be flipping cold on the top! 
I did it last year with woefully little long runs in my legs and it was hard so i would say not for a total beginner!!!! 
Anyone else coming up?  


  • I will be coming for this race! It's my first time at Rhayader, and I have to say, the reviews are making me nervous! I'm building up to London (my fourth marathon), and will be at around 30km for my long run the week before Rhayader. Judging by what people say, I am planning to take it relaxed for the first 10km in order to get over the hill with plenty of reserves for the remaining undulations and the hill at 18miles...It wont be an all out racing effort for me, but I hope to use it as a good quality training run for London! Fingers crossed I keep it together out there :)
  • Great - i am doing London too so this is a week or two early for my liking but honestly if you can run this, you can run anything! I am thinking easy pace until the top and then see whats left..... 
  • I have heard that if you can manage Rhayade...then London will feel a lot more manageable. I hope that is true!
  • If you had tried today you would have frozen your toes off..... typical lakes weather with snow and sleet. Thankfully its looking dry for Saturday! 
  • I keep nervously checking the weather for Saturday. I am still passing between equal amounts of excitement and horror at the thought of running Rhayader...
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