Groin injury advise.

Hi im hoping someone can help me or give me advice on my groin injury. It Ian my fault my injury got so bad as I continued to play football 4 times a week and jog on it for nearly a year until it was affecting my performance to the point I had to stop. I'm 25 and had never been injured before so dealt with it the wrong way. Anyway Iv rested it for 3 months now and have been going to physio for about 8 weeks that hasn't helped slightly but when I squeeze my legs together  I can still feel a slight aching pain which isn't improving . The man who has been doing my physio (nhs) has said to start jogging but I don't know if i should still having this slight ache . Can anyone who has been in this situation help me please ? 

I know that the man at physio has said to start jogging but he doesn't seem to listen when I tell him about the ache . It seems like at the NHS they work to a plan on the computer and just follow that regardless to what you say . 


  • Hello! I have suffered exactly the same problem. It came on over a period (starting with testicular pain) and then by the end of October last year my running came to a juddering halt. I basically took most of November and December off, focusing on cycling, swimming and cross-trainer. I had a weights programme too (focusing on core and leg strength), set by my physio. By the end of December, I felt no pain walking up and down stairs etc. However, like you, it was sore when I squeezed my legs together. The advice I received was to start jogging 5 minutes and to build up slowly from there. In the first month, I built back up to 30 minutes (and was still doing gym exercises). Some days were sore, other days were fine. There were a couple of moments I completely gave up. However, I persevered and the soreness has largely disappeared. What I noticed in the "come-back" stage was that the soreness shifted around, from the groin, to other parts of the thigh, to round the back under my bum. If I had felt a sharp or specific pain, I would have stopped, but it was always just a dull pain.

    Anyway, a few months on, I am getting back to where I was prior to injury. I am training for London and am knocking out the miles with no major issue. Somedays thought, I feel stiff and aged! Other days I seem to fly along again. My groin is sometimes a little heavy and my leg can feel stiff, but my coach has built in good recovery times and I am doing a core and stretching programme too.

    In my experience, this is a nasty injury that really caused me to doubt myself and my ability to return to running. I became obsessed with analysing the pain! however, there is light at the end of the tunnel.


  • I had a groin injury that took two years to completely clear up. A lot of that time though was wasted by the NHS. Like you, I played football on a slight niggle for months until one match I twisted and it was just in bits. My problem was glute and core strength plus alignment. God bless the NHS but they just don't have the time to deal with these injuries properly.  A month or so of private physio when I reached the end of my tether did the job. Not cheap but you can get some good sports massage deals on Groupon so at least the first appointment is cheaper. Keep the faith!
  • Thanks. Was you not able to play football for 2 years then ? My groins feeling a lot better but the slight ache still isn't going . I'm not sure wether to start playing again and just take it steady and cut down to one game a weekend rather than 3 
  • JMW15JMW15 ✭✭
    Hard to say too much without knowing exactly whats going on with your groin, but might be worth having a look online for the Holmich Protocol for groin pain. Have found it worked really well for people I have seen with groin pain. Takes a bit of time and can be a bit confusing, but does help!
  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭
    I think that any protocol is not worth much without an accurate diagnosis. Groin injuries can be complex and pain can be from a number of difference source. I think you're right JMW15 in saying that it's hard to comment without knowing more.

    There are plenty of very good NHS physios but many would be completely lost with a complex groin issue. I'd be trying to find a recommended physio who specialises in running. Good luck.
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    I injured my groin doing a squatting exercise in the gym during December '15. It was so painful I couldn't cross my legs or stand with my feet together. I had to take a month off from running, but I resumed yoga during January and went to the class every day that month. At first I had to adapt most of the poses but towards the end I was able to do almost all of them normally. I resumed running mid-January and was able to complete a half marathon in February (a bit slower than my PB at the time, but faster than I expected) and my first marathon in April. With a month of training missed, the marathon was pretty painful but not because of the groin.

    I still get the odd twinge from it a year later but running presents no issues.
  • I haven't played football since. It's the twisting and sudden stopping after sprints that will continually damage it. I've eased back into running and did sprints after six weeks and bang, tweaked it again and it's still not fully right three weeks later despite only being a minor injury. I've had the issue on and off for at least a decade so if this is your first time, rest up, get to a physio and save yourself getting a chronic problem. It's hard because it feels fine when it's warm but all you'll do is make it chronic like mine has become.
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