• is there an update yet on prices and who/when to pay?
  • Still up for helping with the design deposit thingy
  • Rhodri, That's on the 2017 kit order thread. :smile:

    FF, looking  at the terms and conditions on the website. If we just order the sample pack the deposit is refundable if the kit is returned with in two weeks. So what I'm think is get this sample pack in time for outlaw. Then we can have a look at the quality, fabric, chamois and such like.
    We can then return the samples at which point they will return my deposit, as it will be returns quickly I would be happy to just stick this on the credit card as it gives added insurance/protection.

     From there if we decide what items we want in our "shop" finalise the designs and proceed. It's at this point we will have to pay another deposit of $200 dollars which will be deducted from our first order. I think that's the way it works looking through the website but I will have a chat with them when I get time just to make sure.

    What I would like help with is the shipping cost for the samples and the second deposit to begin the customisation process.

    It would be also helpful if people chipped with ideas of what we should request in the sample kit pack

    Tri shorts ( which type, including chamois
    Tri top
    arm warmers?
    Cycle tops various.
    Tri/skin suit

    I think its worth getting input for the masses but then a couple of us making the final decision regarding the sample kit just so we don.t end up with a camel rather than a horse as it were.

  • Duda i am in for helping out with things
    Let me know  :)
  • Just to let everyone know what's happening with this. I am still pursuing it but thought, as I have until Outlaw in July to get samples sent, I would wait until the current kit order has been completed.

    I have also decided that if things don't work out with Nimbleware I will try and find an alternative. I have looked at Cuore and their website looks worse that a beta test site so I am a little put off by that.  However I am sure that we can get a club style shop set up within a reasonable time frame. I am thinking by early next year at the latest.

    I have drafted a list of what I think we should have in the "shop" and am looking forward to discussing things at Outlaw as it would be good to get a little consensus on who or how people can get access to the kit via the shop.

    So far the list of items I think people would like is:

    Tri shorts
    Short sleeve tri top
    Sleeveless tri vest (monaco style)
    Tri suit (one piece)
    Long and short sleeve Cycle top
    Cycle jacket
    Tech/Team Tee

    Other possibilities could include(among others):
    Bib shorts?
    Tek/team  vest?

  • Duda, we have a contact at Cuore that is willing to help. He actually designed the Pirate emblem.
  • looks spot on Duda.... I'd add arm warmers to the list if they do them...
    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • So far the list of items I think people would like is:

    Arm warmers
    Tri shorts
    Short sleeve tri top
    Sleeveless tri vest (monaco style)
    Tri suit (one piece)
    Long and short sleeve Cycle top
    Cycle jacket
    Tech/Team Tee

    Other possibilities could include(among others):
    Bib shorts?
    Tek/team  vest?

  • Just to throw a cat in among the pigeons - do we need so much branded kit ? 

    Could we keep it simpler and more focused by just looking at the race items ? It'll make it easier to get volumes up on those bits.

    So top, vest, trisuit ? 

    Anything else people tend to have already unless they're getting an entire sports kit in one go.

    That way we can just buy whatever black shorts or armwarmers suit ? 

    Stuff like teeshirts we can buy from the website anyway ?

    Thanks for the work chaps. 

  • Cougie, the kit listed is all race gear. Tech tees aka running tops :)
    I am hoping that if things work out we will have an online kit shop making big orders a thing of the past. although we could still do one order a year to get a lower price on essentials
  • Looks good Duda ... liking the idea of a big order for essentials to keep costs down but having a pop up shop for emergencies    :)
  • That was going to be my next suggestion. I have just struck up a dialogue with Nimbleware. So will keep every one informed as it develops.
  • PapermanPaperman ✭✭✭
    I'd suggest adding a sun visor or running cap to that - I consider that race gear for more or less any long race in the summer. Thanks for doing this - still happy to contribute to postage for samples at Outlaw.
  • Discussions are so far going quite well they are a very communicative company.

    Paperman that's great thanks.

    I am going to arrange for sample fabric swatches and sizing kit to be available at Outlaw and will also have a whip round while there to cover my costs.

    Info I have so far. MOQ = 1 ,  lead time are between 3 and 6 weeks from order but generally arrive within  4 weeks and there also seems to be an option to fast track items for a surcharge although I am still waiting for confirmation on this.

    The above info is related to a PSoF Kit shop, I am still discussing the possibility of a large annual order and how that will effect pricing.
    Looking at there published prices they have bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond  and pro level Kit. The Gold level seems about comparable with what we are paying for with the current LG kit although it doesn't include import duties. 

  • How does the kit shop work? I know with some suppliers they're not a constant thing, they just open up for orders at certain periods determined by the club, similar to us just doing a single, annual order. So it's open for orders for say a month, and once the deadline passes the kit goes into production and the shop is then shut again until the next window.
  • MP, its a a password protected shop. Anyone with the password can login to the shop and buy stuff any time.
  • Being new to this where can I buy kit currently? 
  • There is currently a single annual order DBS, that you may well have missed.... there is a thread here... you may be able to jump in if you are quick...


    This thread is more about looking at new suppliers, and making the ordering less of an annual ritual!
    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • Could somebody please message me the pantone code of the correct colour yellow, please.
  • I'll ask PT how we got the correct colour when he got his tri suit from Cuore. 
  • Thanks FF, I spoke to nimble wear again today and they said it will take about a week from when I submit the request to receive the sample fabrics and fit kit.
  • I think I have the pantone somewhere ... i'll check
  • Duda how is this coming along 
  • Pretty well actually, I will  post an update in the next few days/week. 
  • Pretty well actually, I will  post an update in the next few days/week. 
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    bloody phones.......
  • I have had similar converations with raceskins for the TVP  team , they have a quick turnaround, a £60 set up cost, 5 or 10 minimum order on most,  good quality kit as well IMO
  • Ok Folks, its been a while since the last update on this but things have been busy in the back ground and I am now at the point that I feel its worth updating you on.
    I have been working with Nimblewear to set us up a custom shop allowing us to order individual items. This has gone very well and as far as I know I have now negotiated that they will drop the 40% surcharge for single items meaning once the shop is set up it will be possible for us to order what ever we want as an individual even if that's just a single pair of Tri Shorts.

    Where are we with the process right now?
    A small group of us have just places an order for selected items to see what the different quality levels are like as the company offers at least 4 price points on most items.That order was submitted today and we hope to have the items as well as some fabric swatches at Outlaw.

    The next move

    To set up the shop we either need to submit and order for $1500 or pay a one off fee of $200. I would like to go with the first option. So what I am proposing is that if we are happy with the kit Ginga and I will administer a large kit order at the end of this season. We will open the order book on the 1st of Sept, book closes 1st Oct and people will then have until 1st November to pay for their items at which point the order will be submitted. turn around will be anywhere between 2 and 4 weeks.
    I know Fe'ing Madness ordered a single pair of tri shorts recently from our coaches custom shop with the same company and they arrived in 3 weeks.

    I will post the kit designs that I have been sent so far in another post below.

  • One comment about the styling... are the short sleeved tri-suits swim legal in a non wet-suit swim?

    I can not find the rules at the moment but i have a vague memory that the arms are to be completely uncovered in such conditions...

    Please correct me if I am mistaken.


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