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Hi guys

I brought the Adidas Sennheiser headphones off Ebay for £45. Problem is they just don't fit in my ears at all, they seem to be pointing the wrong way. Outwards instead of facing my ears. I've never bought running headphones before and i know it should be simple but are they faulty or is it just how they sit? Its very uncomfortable and can't be right but they just won't fit any other way on me or my housemates. Thanks!


  • MacMac ✭✭✭
    I've had them before.
    That's how they are I'm afraid, probably wont suit everyone but they do seem to work OK.
  • Was hoping this thread might tell me how to avoid crusty yeast/fungal ear infections that seems to occur whilst running with ear buds in. I am alternating ears every 20 minutes to allow the sweat in the other ear to drain out and clean my ears when I get home and use anti fungal/Canestan creams as far down my ear canal as I can reach but I don't want to give up listening to music, so seem stuck with it. Get these same skin issues all over anyway so think I'm just prone to it but it can be sore in the ears and effects my hearing when the crusts build up. Seems worse with better quality silicone buds than with the hard plastic ones but it could be cos silicone fit ears better so the sweat doesn't drain away? 
  • I'm a huge fan of Yurbuds. I think I must have quite small ear canals or whatever and things like Apple ear phones or the ones that look like mushrooms don't stay in. Yurbuds do the trick! Running with them not a problem : 

    Here we go...



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  • Agree re Yurbuds - I have the ones that have a loop over the ear too. Comfortable for long periods, secure and sit on the ear rather than in - so no sweat, irritation probs :-) .. and ok sound quality and let outside noises thru - so safer
  • Pete HoltPete Holt ✭✭✭
    yur buds now only come in one size so not as good as they were. the originals were available in a choice of variable sizes to ensure an accurate size and fit for each individual person.
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  • I find Yurbuds great fitting as well, and they live up to the guarantee that they never fall out. Can be quite overpowered by the sound of a strong wind though but this is a side effect of the safety feature of allowing in background sound I believe.

    They do two sizes (men's and women's, casual sexism) I bought a pair for my girlfriend and she is happy with them too.
  • Yurbuds do excellent running earphones.
  • I have found Dr Dre Beats earphones and headphones are the best in regards to style, comfort and fit. I have a pair of  Beats Studio Wireless headphones, Beats Solo wired headphones and the Beats wired earphones. Give Dr Beats a go!
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