I'm off to the gym! A thread for the weather beaten and injured.

Too much cold wet windy weather. I have the appropriate clothing for running in poor weather but I need a change. I will try the treadmill, go on the bike and enjoy the rower. I do like a run in the rain and my endurance is good but I do need to feel some speed and exertion. Roll on springtime.


  • It may be wet and windy but it's really mild out here today. 
  • Best of luck with the gym Martenkay. I am not a gym person myself, but living near the forest, there is no competition.
  • Really mild (?) then you must be getting the orange colour on the weather map. Freezing where I am. The gym is a last resort. I have no forest but plenty of farm roads. I quite enjoyed the gym and it wasn't busy because folk feel the weather is so poor they don't want to travel!! The treadmill baffles me as I can do 5K or 10K faster on the road. Must have something to do with the calibration. 
  • I'm hopeless on the treadmill, that's probably why I don't venture into the gym. Years ago, I used to do work outs with free weights and machines, but I put on weight which was detrimental to my running, so I gave it up.
  • I'm sure weights managed at elite level work but at the level of the normal road runner probably just leave us tired and hungry. I think a good variety of hills, intervals, tempo and distances are best. If you were getting the nutrition and massages before and after your weights I'm sure you would have seen the benefits. Anyway I had a lovely 6 miles run in the cold sunshine today.
  • The variety of workouts are exactly what I do Martenkay. Glad you enjoyed your morning run. I've got hilly one mile circuits at running club tonight.
  • MartenkayMartenkay ✭✭✭
    Typical as soon as I head for the gym the weather improves so back on the road cold but sunny. So it turns windy and wet again! I tell myself just do a short run but once out I do enjoy so maybe running 6,8 or 10 miles is too much in poor weather. Perhaps just think "tempo" and run 4 miles. Maybe think "hills" and run 4 miles. When I do the longer runs I try to mix it up but possibly it drains the energy for the next run. A case of forgetting the basics? 
  • PaulMarshPaulMarsh ✭✭✭
    i use the gym more now, but at least i get more value, as i hardly use it in the summer - due to running outside and being away runs.
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