Patella Tendonitis

Hello all.
I've been diagnosed with the above, bought a single patella band. Just wondered if there was a more substantial knee brace strap out there that included a patella band, I find the single band slips,and think I'd benefit from more support,plus the patella band function ? Thank you for any help.


  • Hi everybody...

    Thought I'd hijack this thread seeing as I have no idea how to start a thread(!)....anyway....

    ••• I need some advice •••

    Just monday I was diagnosed with Patella Tendonitis...probably down to overtraining for the Brighton Marathon April. I am due to run The Great North Run in September...and REALLY want to do it.

    My PT seems to be low grade...when I run it's fine, pain only seems to flare up a little when I wake in the morning, when Im driving or when im sat still on the train. It actually seems to have eased a little as my milage has (not marathon training any longer)

    So...I was just hoping for some advice....

    - should I run the GNR, but take it easy training, doing lots of stretch and strength work?
    - should I give it a miss and rest until all signs of PT are gone?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Norm - what did your physio say?

    It might be better if you ease right off training to give it a chance to heal, you still have plenty time to train for GNR, which must be 3 months away.  
  • ftm42ftm42 ✭✭✭
    Have a look at my thread!

    I am now at the 'stop doing anything' stage. This has been a vicious cycle for me for several years now and feeling more hopeless every time I return to running and it starts again. Best advice is to try to hang in there and do nothing high-impact until you are very sure it's gone. I am now in a cycle where every time I run [even only 2/3km] my knee will just flare up.

    I'd like to think that there was something else we could do as I hate 'passive recovery' and also 'hate/can't do / don't want to do' other sports, so don't get me started on the "why don't you just cycle/swim/etc".
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