What watch?

I'm looking into getting a new watch, I currently have the Fitbit blaze and it's not working as well as it used to, as I'm marathon training I want a watch that can give me a bit more. I'm looking at garmins and really like the look of the forerunner 235, anyone know what the difference is between the 230 and the 235? 
Any feedback would be appreciated! :smile: 


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  • Sorry, that wasn't very helpful.
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    The 235 has an optical HR sensor in the back of the watch, the 230 doesn't....I think!
  • Mac has hit the nail on the head with the differences between the 230 ad 235. The 230 comes with a heart rate strap which is a far more accurate method of reading your HR. You can use a heart rate strap with the 235 if you want to though, but you'll have to buy it seperately.

    I used to have a TomTom Multisport Cardio with optical HR sensor, but ditched it for the Garmin 230. My HR now measures steadily and accurately. Optical sensors work on blood flow. They shine a light into you skin and measure your HR that way. HR straps measure by using electrical impulses from the heart. I used to find that my TomTom would cut out or drop dramatically at times unless the watch was on really tight. I also used to have to wear a sweat band to stop it sliding down my wrist when very sweaty.

    One day optical sensors will work great, but at the moment they're still too sketchy for serious HR reading.
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