Running Water Bottle (drip free) with Belt around Waist - Recommendations Please!

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Hi. I am looking for some recommendations on water bottles to wear around my waist that don't constantly drip water or where the belt doesn't jump up and down as I run.
Preferably 2 x bottles.

Thank you!


  • Have you tried the donut bottles that you carry in your hand ? 
  • Nathan Speed 2 - holds 2 X 9 ounce bottles, no drips, and doesn't chafe/move around. Very secure Velcro fastening. Have used on 22 mile runs- just enough water for me. I can get bottle out , drink and put back in holster without stopping running - I find it best to alternate drinking from the bottles so you don't end up with the weight all on one side with one being fuller than the other. Any of the Nathan brand seem good. The belt on the Speed 2 holds iPod, money, key and a gel too. Has a small pouch at back & a tiny key pocket at front. 
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    Thanks FreeRunne

    I bought one of these last week. Was sceptical but works a treat with plenty of room for gels, phone etc in the belt section.
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    I bought mine from decathlon, had it years and use it every week for my long run. fits a 800ml bottle.
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    Camelbak "podium" insulated bottle, never drips or leaks. Carried in a Nathan "triangle" belt. Works great for me.
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