Eye Test and the green dots??

I've just had an eye test and although my eyes had'nt changed at all i have been referred to my doctors cause i could'nt see green dots at certain points on one of their flashy machines.
The optician said this had nothing to do with my eyes?

Has this happened to anyone?

Could this be connected to anything else i.e lower back pain as this is the only thing i have wrong with me?


  • i thought the red/green dots thing was to detect colour blindness
  • Na im fine with colours.

    You look at the red dot in the middle of the screen and then green dots appear and you have to say how many you can see?!

    I could see them to the sides and below but i was missing the ones above, apparently thats not good and the doctor calls!!

    Thinking about that did'nt help with my 10k time yesterday. 37mins my punishment for missing the green dots?!
  • I would willingly miss a few green dots to do a 37 minute 10k!
  • Apparently ( and I could be wrong ) the red and green dotty wotsit is to fine tune your prescription.

    Green has a different focal length to red as its in a different place in the visible spectrum

    So if both green and red dots are in focus the prescription is spot on

    Mind you usually get the black on red and green test so I could be talking out of my bottom
  • If it's the test where green lights appear in groups all over the screen and you have to click a button to show how many you can see then it's testing for blind spots, otherwise after 40 years of eye tests it's a new one on me.
  • Steve, I agree with you. The test that mercs refers to is a different one. The test that jlk is talking about is for blind spots and to test your peripheral vision.

    No idea why a problem would be unconnected to your eyes though!!
  • Ah okay , must be an older persons test ;)
  • SP - I was similarly perplexed...
  • The optician has arrived! Yes, the test is a visual field test and detects patchiness/ missing areas of the visual field.

    Used routinely for detecting glaucoma but can pick up a number of other things, although ultimately affecting the eyes (by the way of visual field), the problem may originate elsewhere.
  • Eyespy21 was the explaination about the green red black dots thing correct ish ?
  • Todays lesson in Optometry lol...

    Correct mercury, it is to do with wavelength.

    The duochrome test (black rings on a red and green background) works on the basis that the eye cannot focus red and green light at the same point and helps determine under or over correction.

    Colour blind patients can also do this test as it is the sharpness of the black circles that is referred to rather than the appearance of the colour!
  • JLK,

    Missing dots at the top could simply be the rim of your specs blocking your view or your eyelids if they are in any way droopy! Your optician should be aware of these factors too though.
  • wey hey , all those pennies spent on eye tests not wasted then !!
  • Your pennies will never be wasted on eye-examinations! A routine eye-examination every two years costs the equivalent of 3p a day. Not a high price to pay for a pair of healthy eyes and good vision eh?
  • Thanks eyespy21, i was wearing my contacts that day and therefore took the test without them in. And i was also very tired.

    Im hoping it is something very simple?!
  • Hi,

    I had this test done and apparently my results were very, very poor! However, their wasn't any problem it was just that after having several different tests done, my eyes were very tired. I had the test done again a week later and the results were fine so don't worry about it! :)
  • Thanks nikkiW ive been waiting for someone else who had the same problem to come on.

    I only went to the opticians to get my lovely new oakley specs and came home with a doctors appointment.

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