Brecon Beacons Ultra

Wow, things have changed a bit round here!

I'm looking to do an ultra at the end of the year and am leaning toward the Likeys beacons ultra in November. I was looking at the might contain nuts website though as I know they did one in December, but they don't seem to have any races for 2017 on there at all, so does anyone know what's happening with them? Have they gone? I'll happily do the likeys one but I entered the mcn one a few years back and didn't make it to the start line so it feels a bit like unfinished business.


  • No idea Bout the MCN races this year but the likes one is brilliant...Try and stay over for the night to do the pub quiz Wales against the world:)

  • I've entered the likeys one now. It'll probably be a there and back trip as I'm not a million miles away and could do without the extra expense, but we'll see.

    Really strange what's happened to MCN. The website is only showing 2016 events and there's no mention anywhere that I can find of the series not happening in 2017.
  • Dank-artDank-art ✭✭✭
    won't be any MCN events this year I heard...really disappointing, miss my mad mountain marathons in Wales! :(
  • I supported my missis at the Brecon Beacons Ultra; she loved it. There's two 23 mile loops and they also organised a recce prior to the event. I enjoyed supporting it so much that I plan to make this my first ultra.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    Love the Likeys event.  Did three in succession before injury held me back.  Always sells out (within 48 hours) which says it all!  Great fun & tough course, beer and quiz to finish the night :)
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  • Who's in then? I think I'm going to sign up to do the recce in September as I was looking for a marathon over similar terrain to do around then as a training run, so may as well do a lap of the course instead. I've walked in the Beacons plenty of times and I run hilly trails a lot but it will be good to do a lap and see what I'm in for.
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