Can you beat a boat out and back over 10k along the thames? BEAT THE BOAT 2017

Fancy giving a boat an absolute pasting? Would it be more satisfying if the boat was full of your rowdy mates and/or family? Need an excuse for a day out in Windsor and Eton? Fancy boozy prizes? Check out which is coming up June 25th. It might be your thing


Coming to Windsor and Eton for 2017 is a completely unique 10km trail race for runners of all abilities brought to you by Runface & Datchet Dashers. On an out and back course from Eton & Windsor, you'll be taking on not just other runners, but a target pace boat full of spectators that will be tracking you and trying to beat you back to the finish line. All runners set off together in a traditional race format, with a difference, because just yards from where you start on the Brocas fields in Eton, the 3 Thames Cruise boats aiming to finish in 40, 50 and 60 minutes will be starting too and they'll be full of your friends and family members ready to cheer you on, as you try to beat the boat.


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