US-pass mechanical products TOP50

China Construction Machinery Annual Product TOP50 "selection activities by the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, the State Construction Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center," Construction Machinery and Maintenance "magazine initiated and hosted the industry's many mainstream media co-sponsored. " China Construction Machinery annual product TOP50 "The purpose of the selection is to sort out and summarize the achievements of the engineering machinery industry in technology and products over the past year, to record the footsteps of industrial technological progress, and to guide the direction of engineering machinery products and technological progress. The selected targets are locked in China's construction machinery market Products (including foreign-funded, domestic-funded enterprises of the product), the selection of the core standards for the product of technological innovation, market performance and application contribution through the network voting, expert evaluation, on-site assessment and on-site awards, the final selection of 50 products "China's construction machinery annual product TOP50" and the United States and build a machine to adapt to the national green cycle, energy saving and environmental protection development policy R & D and manufacturing LMT5122TYHZ thermal regeneration integrated maintenance car. For the domestic construction of the current situation of mobile small-scale thermal regeneration of conservation products, It is equipped with a variety of functions such as hot material regeneration, cold material heating, new material mixing and other functions in one, can be all-weather operation, slotting, cutting, crushing, cleaning, compaction and other auxiliary equipment is complete, Trough repair operations all the processes, flexible, greatly saving the use of cost, to achieve the perfect combination of economy and practical. hand push pavement crack repair machine heavy demolition hammer tarmac crack repair machine cold mix asphalt design
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