Kona MTBs

Yes, i'm doing it again and buying another Bike - a MTB this time as my old one is well past its best (fell off it to many times)

Im currently considering a 2004 Kona Cindercone @ £699

Anyone got any experiance of Kona bikes?
If so wot u think?
Or anyone sugest an alternitive?

- £700 is my limit for a MTB cos its just for playing on



  • Kona are a very good brand of bike. My friend had a Cinder Cone and liked it but soon got the bug and went full-suss. At 700 squid you are limited to a hardtail (dont bother with full-suss's in this price range) so the Cinder Cone's probably a good buy.

    Specialized Rockhopper got a 9/10 in last months MBR. It was £900 so you'd probably have to go for the next model down.

    If you can afford a hardtail with discs then go for it, they are much better than V's if you are going off-road.
  • Gary


    It will be a hard tail - i dont like full bouncers - im more of a x-country and multiday trail rider - not into down hill

    Looked at the rockhoper but is £100 over budjet without disks and £300 iver with disc

    Im being verrrrry strict on budget since i jut spent lots on a new TRI/Race bike a cople of months back

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  • look at some of the Decathlon range of hardtail MTB's they come with top spec and are rated very highly by the industry press, the good thing is they are about 10-20% cheaper than the named manufacturers.
    Sorry Jj I really can't think of any pretend words at this time of the morning.
  • Jon rides a Kona.

    Is that a plus or a minus ? ;-)

    I used to like them, but haven't ridden MTB for yonks - so no twiddling on my granny for me !
  • mg, Decathlon do seem to give you a lot of bike for the money. Have you got one?

    sorry Jj just talking bikes. I reckon you'd get a lot of people coming on here seeing HRM, taper, threshold, splits, etc and reckon they'd stumbled on some silly pretend words.
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  • Jon rides my old kona!

    and they are nice.. maybe a bit heavy in the wheel package that comes with them, but those can be upgraded later if needs be...

    but good sturdy last a long time bikes...
  • i have a cindercone... kona have a good long term reputation. i doubt you could go far wrong in buying one.
    full sus. is pretrty pointless for XC unless you're paying for the dogs danglies.
  • Go for a Giant XTC as you can pick one of theses with hydrolic disc brakes for £500

    Awesome bike!

    Kona are also good bikes as i used to ride for them in my MTB racing days, though value for money you cannot beat the XTC.
  • Kona hardtails are good (not many in that price range that are crap quite frankly) but I would go with the Spesh Rockhopper.......wouldn't go near a Kona full bouncer though - weird geometry that just doesn't feel right
  • ed,
    you are probably right about not going full-suss in this price range but there are some sh!t-hot full bouncers around at the moment (over 1.5k admit), making it all the more tempting to splash out on the interest free deals around at the mo.
    *currently dreaming of the new Spesh Enduro or Stumpy*
  • FB - the Rockhopper is out my budget - cos that was my 1st choice
  • shame about that WW - you should be OK with the Kona though
  • just make sure the forks are upto the job..

    yer a fairly big fella... you'll need some harder springs etc, unless air forks...(?)
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  • Take a look at the GT Avalanche 0.5... it's well in budget (£599) and is seriously well kitted for that money - hydraulic discs, a marzochhi fork, deore/lx chainset.

    I've spoken to a few bike shops about this one, and they all say it's the best value mtb on the market.
  • Another thought - check out www.paulscycles.co.uk - fantastic range of low cost bikes.

    e.g. Kona Cindercone @ £450
    or, Kona Pahoehoe @ £600 (RRP £1,100)
    or, Giant XTC SE2 @ £700 (RRP £1,000)

    Admittedly, they're last years bike, but I picked up a £1600 bike for £800 last year from these guys and its the mutt's nuts! (Service was v. good also - next day delivery, and no quibbles over replacing a part which was faulty).
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    I adopted a Rockhopper at Whipsnade Zoo a few years ago. They've got really silly hair.
  • good point rocks, GT are passing on the pound-dollar rate to the customer at the mo.

    candy - ha-ha, I take it you are a lycra-clad nancy who won't ride anywhere unless its tarmac'd. PS - best part of the 2003 TourDFrance was when Dave Watson pulled a 40ft gap jump over the heads of Pelaton on his Kona Clump.
  • yep that's me Gary.... and we're currently on the cusp of lycra season and waxing season, so i'm in a perpetual state of excitement
  • Yep - looked at the Avalanch 0.5 @ £599 it has LX rear as opposed to XT on the Kona

    Deciding which bike to buy is always sssssssssooooooooo hard
  • Does being all goose-bumpy with excitement help the waxing process...?
  • i don't think it can hurt Mmmmm

    although it might be advisable to remove one's nipple rings first
  • See another 'advantage' of us mtb'ers...

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  • I do both Roadie and MTB stuff - MTB'ing is always carried out at a slower more relaxed pace

  • Wild will,

    If XT is the deciding factor, have you asked how much a shop woud charge you to upgrade the 0.5 for you? The XT rear mech comes in at around £36 (and you ought to be able to get some trade in value on the LX you are not using), so even with labour it's unlikely to cost you more than £30-40.

    The BIG disadvantage of the Kona is that your discs are mechanical, not hydraulic. The cost to upgrade this componentry would be significantly higher than the cost of the mech upgrade on the GT, and I would argue that the upgrade to Hydraulic discs is a much more advantageous one.
  • i dont know why roadies always look as if they are not enjoying it......

    it must be the lack of jumps, dirt and real terrain
  • Rocks - you have a point - Ive got till thursday to make my mind up
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