Running first marathon and no name on charity vest - what else can I do?

 In two weeks time I am running Brighton marathon for MS Society. I have received my vest but there is no space for a name on it and they haven't sent me any letters to iron on. I've looked at an example Brighton marathon bib and they don't have a name on them either.

I was really relying on the support of the crowds to shout my name and now I'm disappointed. Does anybody have any good ideas?

Obviously I could buy and iron on the letters anyway but the design of the T-shirt really doesn't leave a decent space for them  where they would be readable.

I'm really baffled by the t-shirt design and why they wouldn't leave space.  When I ran for the Stroke Association there was a white stripe for a name and I thought that would be standard.



  • TBH I don't think its a big problem - you'll hear your name being shouted anyway. 
    I did my first marathon with my name on and I found it quite distracting.

    It's your training that gets you round - not random people shouting at you.

    You could always write your name on paper and laminate it and pin it over the teeshirt.  It's not like they won't make out the design without it. 
  • Really don't worry, you will find that people shout your charity name and lots of encouraging stuff. Enjoy it!
  • REMREM ✭✭✭
    The last time I ran a marathon in the US (albeit some time ago) I noticed that a lot of runners wrote their names on their arms in marker pen.  Worked for me, but did take some time for it to wash off.....
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