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Having a few issues with my it band in my right leg. Anyone got good tips on trying to help it along. Been resting it for a few days now and doing foam rollering. Got London in 4 weeks so just trying to be ready for that. 


  • Hey Rossi71,

    I'm in the same position as yourself, been having IT Band issues since the start of February and has really been affecting my training. I've just been doing Cross Trainer during the week rather than road running to try and rest it, which has been helping. I've also got a strap which sits just above my knee which has definitely been a bit help. I did a half marathon Sunday and got round ok, although suffered terribly once I took the strap off when I finished.

    Booked in for an Osteopath appointment tomorrow, so hopefully she will be able to help me out. I think Im just going to run a bit more conservatively than I have done previously.
  • NickW2NickW2 ✭✭✭
    I had an ITB issue last year - it starting hurting a little and got gradually worse until the point where I didn't run on it because it hurt a lot so I felt like I might be doing damage. I rested it for 10 days with no improvement, so I went to see a physio who gave me some stretches to do. He told me that stretching post-run (i.e. in the few minutes after finishing) was the most important for this, and gave me 3 stretches:

    1. Quad (see #1 on this page )

    2. Hip (something like this stretch http://http// )

    3. Hamstring (see #1 on this page http://http// )

    He told me to try and do these 3-4 times a day and especially after running. I probably did them 1-2 times a day plus whenever I ran (3 times a week). My knee gradually improved and had virtually no pain by the time I did my marathon. Now I find as long as I stretch after running I have no issues. Sometimes it hurts a bit if I am lazy and don't stretch after running. I find the quad stretch the most important but I guess it depends which muscles are weakest.

    I'm certainly no expert and everyone is different, hope that helps.
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