How about a combined HRM - distance measuring unit

I do need an HRM and I keep wondering what distance I have actually covered, but I don't want to be wearing 2 additional pieces of equipment when I run, nor do I want to pay two times $200+.

Why isn't anyone manufacturing a combined HRM - distance measuring unit? Or am I just missing something?


  • Seem to remember someone posting a while ago, saying that Nike was developing a combination thingy.

    Any truth in the rumour? Anyone know?
  • That might have been me - I've heard those rumours quite a few times, and have mentioned it here before.

    No idea if it's true, and it's probably not worth waiting for as I doubt it'll be any time soon. But that's complete speculation.
  • I couldn't agree more - Combining the Polar 610 (for example) with a HRM that could be downloaded to a computer would be the ultimate tool for runners.

    I actually contacted Polar with this suggestion and they gave the following answer "At the moment we don't have such models coming. Maybe in the far future as the customers are giving the feedback and wishes of these."

    So maybe if we all emailed Polar ( they may get on to producing one.
  • There is one available in the US but alias, we can not get it here.
  • Mark:

    I did email to Polar - and did get the answer that they got similar requests from others - so maybe indeed they wil end up producing one.

    Slo Mo:

    That Fitsense product does look nice. Has anyone actually tried one? I might bring one back on my next trip to the USA.
  • I emailed Timex asking if they were considering producing a combined SDM and HRM. I got a bald "we have no plans" from them. Maybe if we all email them they'll change their mind..

    I, for one, would buy one like a shot.

  • Agreed. Their GPS unit looks just the thing. And I just emailed them...
  • The fitsense product is available to ship to the UK and can be bought at It seems a snazzy bit of kit but reading the forums at, it has varying reviews in terms of accuracy and alot of people discredit it. Personally, I bought a Timex SDM from for £95. Happy hunting...
  • I was told by a salesperson in Niketown Chicago that Nike would be releasing a combined HRM/SDM at some point. This was 6 months ago, and he had no idea of the timescale. I guess we'll be a few months behind the good ole US of A!
  • I don't suppose there's any chance of adding a mini-disk player too? :-?
  • Mini-disk would be a bit bulky but Casio do a watch with a built in MP3 player though!
  • Fitsense told me that (1) they don`t ship to the UK - something about radio frequencies not having been approved; (2) they have no plans to distribute in the UK because they have been unable to find a joint distributor anywhere in the EU. Any would be entrepreneurs out there ?
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