Marathon tracking

Hi folks, just a quick enquiry, in the final instructions magazine there's an ad about tracking runners,am I reading it wrong or are they saying that this year,finally,runners will be GPs tracked so that supporters can see where they really are?


  • It won't be GPS.

    It'll be the timing chip on your shoe though - there's mats every 5k so you can get a fairly up to date idea of position.  I think they attempt it most years to various success. 
  • NickW2NickW2 ✭✭✭
    I think they try and put a virtual dot on the map of where they think you are, but base it on your last 5k and assume you keep going at the same pace, or something like that. From memory last year some of the people who were trying to track me said it was hit and miss whether it loaded, I think there were too many people trying to use the site.
  • Thanks for the prompt replies folks,obviously I was reading too much into it, assume the tracking will be the same as in the past, patchy at best,lol 
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