Injured 6 weeks before VLM 2017

Any advice would be great.  Training been going really well and since Jan have done 4 runs of 18 -20, plus a final fith one of 21 miles which was a couple of weeks ago, about 6 weeks to the marathon.  I ended up with a tendon injury which I have rested for 2 weeks and had a couple of sports physio sessions in between. 

I started up again then with a small 2 miler, 5 miler and a 7 miler yesterday.  My query is, as we are almost at the taper of 3 weeks before, is it best now to forgoe another long run in case of setting any injury back...and if I do, will the training I have been building on since last November and more specifically the long runs since Jan still count for anything??  I never planned to do my last long run 6 weeks before, but on the other hand I want to make it to the start line!  I did want to aim for the 4.5 hour mark originally....

Thanks, am going between feeling OK and panicking!

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  • JoJo72JoJo72 ✭✭✭
    Thanks!  It was 6 weeks when I was injured after my last long run, sorry for the confusion...almost 3 and half to go now eeek!  Gut feeling is not to run too long now but was just worried that the last long run was so far before, not ideal....thanks again for replying.
    There's often more damage done by squeezing in another long run.   Long runs can take some time to recover fully from and you want to be fresh and raring to go on that start line.
  • If it's any consolation @JoJo72 I'm in the same boat.  I'm running a marathon 1 May, last LSR was 18.5 miles on 19 Feb, injured a ligament in my foot on a 12miler 5 March and have had 3 weeks off running.  Started back at the weekend, with (so far) no problems.  I'm not going to risk building up too much, but intend to do a 10,13 and 16 miler over next 3 weeks to have a 2 week taper.  I've not even had the same number of 18m+ LSR's as you, but it's my first marathon so intend to just enjoy and, if need be, I'll run/walk  :) Good luck!
  • JoJo72JoJo72 ✭✭✭
    Thanks happybunny, great ( well not great injury wise!) to hear from someone who feels the same:)  I know even if everything had gone to plan I would still be panicking and doubting myself by now...frustrating though isn't it?  Good luck with your recovery and your last few weeks of running and thanks for replying:)
  • I'm in a similar position too – although slightly panicking as the longest run I've managed so far is 16 miles (3 weeks ago, when I sustained my injury). I did a PB in the Reading half a week ago without any pain, but have been really struggling to get the miles in since. I'm considering trying an 18- or 20-mile run on Saturday (stopping if I feel any pain) just to inch myself a little closer to the 26... Is that a terrible idea to jump from 16 to 18/20 when the weeks in between my long runs have been 0, 13 and 13? Any advice welcomed!
    Sarah - as long as you're injury free now then you could do a long run this weekend, I'm assuming you're doing London?  

    If marathon running is new to you then I would advise never to do a very long run every weekend, but to do one weekend long and the next weekend a step back week.  Gives the body a bit more time to recover from the long runs and lessens the chance of injury.
  • JoJo72JoJo72 ✭✭✭
    Helo, Sarah7 and Happybunny, just wondered how you were doing injury wise?  Hope you are OK and back on track.  Mine seems to have cleared for now ( crossing fingers) although have a slight niggle in the other leg, typical!  have managed a 14 mile and a 15 this week which helped confidence and shorter runs in between but SO nervous as the last long run seems ages ago now.  Totally over thinking it all!!  Which I would probably be doing even if it had all gone to plan to be fair.....;)
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