I got me cozzie wet at last!!!

I think I might just have taken That Step that leads me on the path to a baby triathlon.

To punish me for taking her running, my daughter took me swimming today.

I swam a whole length!


(and nearly drowned four times, and got my face all stuck in my hair five times, had to adjust my rather voluminous cozzie lots of times)

And there's a bicycle in the garage that's just calling to me...



  • go for it Jj
  • Go for it , li'l kitten. Well done for conquering the feline fear of water!

    Now have some )lots of) wine to celebrate.
    Cat in the vat!
  • Well done Jj. There's no turning back now, life will never be the same again.
  • I blame coachb for the fatc athat I na;'t type.



    I'm a spectator.

    It says so in my contract....
  • hey well done

    keep it up now!
  • you have a luminous cossie?
    how retro.
  • Hey Jj - you swim just like me !
  • "and got my face all stuck in my hair five times"...

    Next step. Get a swim cap.

  • Jj,

    you'll be amazed how fast you can build up the distance swimming, I went from 60m to 1000m in six weeks. None of aching knees stuff that you get when start running.
  • Is this the first step on your path to Florida Ironman 2005 hehe

    Good Luck Jj - you'll enjoy it, the cross training certainly makes a chance to just running.
  • well done Jj - welcome to the big world of controlled drowning
  • Help.

    I can't


    my arms...
  • Can't lift your arms?

    Get the intrevenous drip out lads, and connect it to that supply of plonk in the corner.
  • Jj,

    these are all familiar feelings...
  • Tep! Dude! Where've you been? Ironman Austria is nearly full - get yourself signed up quick and then we can call the forum outing 'Five go mad in Klagenfurt'
  • if you don't, the mantle falls upon Jj
  • Jj is probably fitter to do it than I am, as Richard could testify...
  • [wonders rather pinkly how Richard could know that I'm fitter than Tep...]
  • Hmmm

    to add to the arms problem, my inner thighs have now seized up.

    Willow says I have a screw kick.

  • inner thighs siezed... Eeek, now THATS worrying!!!!!!
  • [blink]

  • ya need to get one of those thighmasters
  • ':o/

    I am mistress of my own thighs, thank you.

  • With all this talk of srew kicks, mistress's and thighs your gonna get me blushing. Not as red as I was earlier, I looked like a paoched lobster when I pulled off my soaking wet bike gear tonight.

    So is this now the offical Jj does Austria thread?
  • [rhythmic thudding of li'l leopard's head on desk...]
  • ow.



  • OK - only took me four months, but I went swimming again today!!

    200 metres!!! In sets of 1 x 25m, with about five minutes rest in between! ¦oD


    but I hurt my right triceps. :o(
  • Which bit is the tricep ?

  • Well done on your swim Jj - keep at it. I had a swimming lesson last week - a one off to help me to learn to breathe! I tend to forget when I am trying to swim :)

    It was worth it - I can do a full length front crawl now, before that I could barely reach halfway without running out of oxygen!
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