Have I broken my toe?

Last week I noticed that my trainers (about 200km run in them including a half marathon PB) started to feel as though they were very tight on my right foot mid run. I didn’t really think much of it, just loosened them ever so slightly for my next run on the Saturday, but had the exact same sensation again mid run.

On the Sunday I did an off road run in different trainers, didn’t have the tight feeling, but could feel a slight discomfort like bruising or something at the foot end of my big toe. Other than that, the run went fine with no pain as such.

On the Tuesday morning I did my usual run to work of 4.5km but about 500m into it, wearing my road trainers (half marathon trainers) my foot absolutely killed every time my foot struck the ground. It eased ever so slightly during the run and I managed to complete it. My foot was sore all day after that. I normally run home, but didn’t due to the sore foot, so walked to the bus in my trainers, but every time the trainers flexed and the material scrunched up (as trainers do when you bend them) it hurt a lot and felt like the trainer was digging into the top of my foot.

To the best of my knowledge, I had not done anything to my toe prior to this occurring (other than breaking it about 15 years ago, so it doesn’t bend as much as the one on my other foot). I usually run about 50km a week, but haven’t run since Tuesday morning last week, and can still feel it when wearing my work shoes. It doesn’t seem too bad in my old trainers though.

Any thoughts on what I have done and should do? Should I try to run in other trainers, or stop for a while, or what? I’m currently training for the Brecon Beacons Half Marathon on May 14th.



  • So the foot kills in one trainer, but not in the other ?  Weird.

    Personally I'd be looking at getting some new shoes if one sets hurting me and one isn't. 

    As to it being broken - I think only an X ray can tell.  Thats the way doctors find out for me anyway.
  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭
    Maybe arthritis in your 1st MTP joint related to the previous fracture. Like cougie says, get an x-ray. I'd also try to see a physio who specialises in running. If that is the problem I've heard that something like Hokas with a rocker bottom type sole may help if other treatment doesn't. Good luck
  • Cougie, the fact that the trainers have been absolutely fine for 200+ km suggests to me that it's not the trainers. Surely i'd have felt something before a very average 7.5km road run!?
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