Injured: Having to rest up until Marathon Day

Hi all.

I am hoping you can offer some help

I am training for the London Marathon in 3 weeks time.

I had been building up steady mileage. Ran my first half at a respectable time of just under 2 hours. The furthest I have run is 27kms (17 miles), which was about 3 weeks ago. The greatest weekly mileage I had done was a week ago, which was about 68kms (43).

The problem is, all that training has now given be a pretty injury and after visiting the physio, I was told I wont be able to run until the Marathon to ensure I don't injure myself further before even reaching the starting line.

My question is, basically, have I done enough? I know I could certainly have done more, and I also know that the marathon might be a little more painful than I would have hoped. But have I completed a relatively sufficient amount of training leading up to the big day?

Thanks a lot


  • What did the physio say your injury was ?  It's all a bit vague.
    Personally I'd be looking to defer my entry.  It doesn't look much fun if you have to walk it. 
  • Thanks a lot for the response.

    Im waiting for the professional diagnosis but its the back of my leg. I strained by calf/tendon.

    I dont think I'll walk it but I would imagine that the last few miles will require some walking. I simply can't bear the thought of having to defer.
  • I'm in exactly the same boat. I've suffered from hamstring tendonopothy since a marathon lady October. Can't shift it. Done all the rehab etc. Looks like I need any extended period out. I planned on a slow London, but the weeks ago, due to my intermittent training I've got bilateral runners knee! This has stopped me running. My kindest is 19 miles. Last run was eight days ago. Only seven miles and I had to stop. Physio has me doing nothing other than bike, three times a week. One knew is feeling a lot better. Other still grim. Like you, I'm unlikely to run more then a few minutes before London.... It's a hard call. My plan, for what it's worth, is wait until a week before. If I can't run 10 miles okish I'll pull out. Fingers crossed for us both....
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Don't try running a marathon with injury or illness.
    Despite all the optimism in the world and encouragement from others. You'll end up in a place where you wish you'd stayed at home.

  • I injured my right ankle last Wednesday following a speed workout and I am still limping a bit after 6 days. No visible swelling though.

    The problem is my marathon is 4 weeks away (10/28). My training was good before last week and I have done a 27K, 29K and a 32K run in past 5 weeks, and I have been swimming since to try to maintain CV fitness. Is that enough?
  • Alex - the blunt answer is probably that it will need to be. Assuming a 3-week taper, you're effectively only missing one week of proper training. Your training to date has gone well, so you're about where you should be and one week won't make much difference. I would take it easy for the next four weeks and just do some cycling / swimming to maintain some CV fitness, but nothing load-bearing. Hopefully the ankle will sort itself out before the end of the month. Good luck!
  • I am training for my first half marathon which is on Sunday. About a month ago I started getting pain in my feet and calf's and the doctor said I have plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis. I have been cross training to try keep my fitness up and the pain has lessened a bit but it is not 100% better. I ran 10 mins yesterday after half an hour on a cross trainer and my calf's started to tighten up, I stopped as I was worried about causing more damage. But am aware that they could not be fully warmed up and that's what I was feeling. My question is should I run the half marathon on Sunday or not? I really want to give it a go at a slower pace because I have worked so hard towards it but I am worried I will make it a lot worse.
  • Sarah - I am not sure but I will go to start line with the expectation you have a very real probability of DNF.

    As for myself, I have 3 weeks to go for my marathon (10/28). The injury started 11 days ago (ankle tendinitis) and I recovered enough so that I can finally walk properly today. I have been swimming 5 times a week but I am not planning any load bearing/impact exercise for this week. Will test the ankle probably this weekend at the earliest. My goal for marathon will go from 3:45 to 4:00 (if I manage to recover to run).

    Not being able to run is the most frustrating thing ever.
  • Thanks Alex. I actually spoke to the charity that I am running for and they have said they can transfer my place to the London Landmarks half marathon in March so I am going to do that as it hurts for me to walk at the moment. Relieved and disappointed but can't wait to give it my all in March> Will be perfect training also if I can a place in the London marathon.

    I really hope that your ankle gets better asap and you manage to run your marathon. Stick with the heel drops and rolling pin, it has helped me loads in the past few weeks.
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