New shoes advice...Asics Dynaflyte vs Nimbus 19

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Hi, I spent well over an hour at the local running shop the other evening, trying in vain to find a suitable new pair of running shoes to replace my old Asics Nimbus (not sure which incarnation but well over a year old.)
In short nothing felt right, either too tight across the forefoot, toe box, too long, too short, too loose...etc.
Oh, and whats with the stupidly short laces on these shoes?
I like to double knot and use the very top holes to prevent heel slip but with these short laces most of these shoes that's impossible with the supplied laces!
They didn't have my size in the latest Nimbus (19 I think?) so I couldn't try them although I have ordered them to try.
Out of all the makes and types the Brooks Adrenaline were not too bad but i didn't like the sudden drop at the toe end when running.
The Asics Cumulus was OK but again they didn't have the right size to be sure and I also tried the Asics Dynaflyte.
The Dynaflyte felt the best out of all of them although I don't know if it will trump the Nimbus until I try the Nimbus later.

My question is though, will the Dynaflyte be "solid" or "robust" enough for a 13st male runner who isn't very graceful and wears full length orthotics? 
Will they give me the cushioning I need in the long term or are they mainly designed for you whippets or Gazelles at 9st wet through and not for the larger gentleman?
In short they felt nice and I'm sure would be fine in the short term but are they too lightweight (and therefore likely to lose their cushioning and support quickly) for someone my weight as an only pair of everyday (or about 3 times 5 miles a week on average) running shoes?

For the difference in price (around £20) would the Nimbus be better albeit heavier for support and cushioning or would the Dynaflyte be better for some other reason/s?



  • MacMac ✭✭✭
    Nobody tried or using the Dynaflytes? Anyone?.....
  • MacMac ✭✭✭
    Perhaps if I offer a few insults!
    That seems to work on another thread?  ;)
  • Better late than never? I have tried and arn in both. Both have been returned. Reading your post I would try Brooks Ghost, or maybe the Glycerin.
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    Hi Mark Thanks for acknowledging my existence! I have since bought a pair of Brooks Glycerin 14's. They're ok but don't feel very responsive. Great plush feel but for some reason they give me a blister on the tip/side of my left big toe? Only the left mind you. I've tried experimenting with and without the original insole (I wear full length orthotics) and with the orthotics on top of and also beneath the original insole. Even wearing two.pairs of socks makes no difference, the blister keeps happening. I wonder if it's something to do with the way the shoes stabilises that is somehow less or different to my previous Nimbus pairs that is causing this? Doubt I can take them back now as I've ran in them outside a few times now! Neil.
  • Hi,
    I wish I saw your question earlier. the Asics dynaflyte I found is a more responsive lighter shoe than the nimbus. I didn't like the Nimbus at all, to big and bulky and the new one felt too firm for me. The Glycerin 14 I found not responsive at all. Try the Saucony Triumph iso 3 or Nike Vomero 12 or Adidas Supernova 9. I bought the Saucony. I have been told some places have trial peroid for shoes. All the best.
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