pain just below hip joint

i've been limping with a right shin injury and at the same time seem to have developed a pain in my left hip. It is below the hip joint (about an inch).

what muscle is there? is this just a compensation injury but if so how should i treat it.

it is quite a sharp pain that stabs me in the leg just below the joint. it seems to happen if i place my leg in a certain position.

should i massage it, foam roller it.

any ideas.


    It could be your hip flexor.   There are plenty of hip flexor stretches you can do, don't forget to stretch both sides.   It could easily be due to your hip flexor having to work harder as you are limping.
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    It might be over reacting, but I had pain there and after a trip to A&E, four months of physio, a GP appointment, two appointments with a consultant and an MRI found out I have a tear in my labrum. Looking at surgery in September and no running till afterwards. It could just be your hip flexor, however see a physio, they will be the best person to advise you.
    TT - what a journey you've had just to get a diagnosis.   Sorry to hear you've got to wait so long for surgery.

    I've recently been spending ages on the internet as I have picked up a groin/hip injury.  I discovered that injuries in the groin and hip can be difficult to diagnose.   Fortunately a sports therapist friend has written me a recovery plan, I'm 9 days into that plan now and I'm starting to improve, I have a lot of exercises to do and a lot of walking and some running, but it's all working.
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    Shades I am so pleased to hear that. Part of my issue, according to all the medics I have seen is I have a very strong core! It means I have held every thing together!! Surgery in September is because I need an injection and there has to be 16 weeks between the two. I will admit I am paying for it all. I was told I came so far down the NHS list I would be lucky to have surgery before 2018!
    TT - I would pay for any surgery too if I could and had that long a wait.   Was the injury due to a trauma injury?
  • going to the physio tonight for another look. Hoping to get some exercises out of him.

    This is going to be so tough,

    I ran the NYC marathon in 2015 which was my first and it is tough when you go into the event fit and ready.

    God knows what this is going to be like setting of feeling unsettled.

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    Hi Shades, consultant told me I might have had the tear for years. However I came back from NY sat behind a 'typical American' late last year. Meant my glutes collapsed. That then meant my tear started to cause problems. That is what the medics think happened. No idea how the tear happened I gather about 50% of the population have them but they rarely cause problems. 
    TT - no wonder it must be hard to diagnose as it often doesn't cause a problem.   I'd best keep up with the glute exercises then!

    Kenny - hope the physio had good news for you?
  • SHADES, no pain in the ITB area when going through the exercise. My lower back and gluts are all knackered though and tight as you like. he talked me through how the gluts and a muscle in the front are all connected into the ITB and that is like to be the cause. Did some deep tissue work and talked me through exercises and "sitting on a hockey ball". looking forward to that, better hope i dont sneeze or i could be going up A&E. :smiley:
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    Clams and squats fellow runners! Cure for most glute issues.
    Kenny - try a tennis ball. a little kinder but still effective.

    TT - I do clams and squats every day o:)
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    Thethe- if you're new you can't start a new thread.  That's to stop the kitchens/fake passports links that have been put up on the site.
    I don't know how long before you are able to start a thread, maybe you have to be fairly active on the forums?   Meanwhile find a thread with a similar topic and put your question on there.
  • SHADES, will give that a go. Do you agree that the thigh area and ITB can be affect by the condition of the gluts?
  • Thanks for the help. I dont know whats even sore if its my back or hip. Its just up from my hip bone on the left hand side of my back just along from the spine. Doesn't hurt to bend or turn. When im walking but it hurts alot. I signed up for a marathon 5 weeks ago not got any running experience used to not do any exercise but the last 5 weeks I've been training alot. I ran 18 mile at a slower than marathon pace 8:53 mile pace. Was fine the whole run until I finished my run with in a minute I was in agony thats been 6 days now and its still really sore. Dont want to run again until i find out what it is. Any ideas? 

    Thanks for the help
    Kenny - weak glutes are often a primary cause of running injuries and can certainly contribute to ITB problems.

    Thethe - I'm not a physio.   To me that seems to be coming from your back.
    If you don't normally run and you started training 5 weeks ago then no way should you be running distances of 18 miles!   I'm not surprised you're injured.   
    When is your marathon?
  • My back thanks I had a feeling it was my back but I wasnt sure because it doesn't hurt to bend or turn. Its in 6 weeks thats why i done the 18 miler I got told to run long distances to get used to it. Had just been running 10k and sometimes a 10 miler the last 5 weeks. Until i got told that. 
    Yes, you need to run long runs but not if you've only just started running.   I wouldn't expect anyone to do an 18 mile run until they had at least 4 months training behind them.   Even then I would prefer that someone has a year's experience of running at least 25mpw before thinking about starting marathon training.  Marathon running and the training is a huge impact on the body

    Anyway, that's not helping your injury.   I think you need to see a physio to get a diagnosis and a recovery plan ASAP, try and find a physio that deals with a lot of runners.
  • Okay thanks for your help :) . Will try to find a physio and get an appointment. 
    Let us know how you get on, I hope it's a speedy recovery
  • Will do thanks,  hopefully it is 
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