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Hi guys I have not run in maybe 3/4 years and kind of reached that point where changes need to be made I was 14 and a half stone 3 years ago played squash gym ran then my mum was given a terminal prognosis and I kind of let things spiral out of control drinking a lot comfort eating no exercise especially after she passed almost a year ago now well now I am just under 20st and enough is enough I have cut out junk food energy drinks takeaways ice cream also gave up smoking 7 months ago and haven't drank since xmas I have started a zero to 5k plan and am just through week one my question is this atm it walk 2 mins run 1 kind of thing but even running just a minute causes a tight burning pain in my ankles and shins is this a normal thing I was thinking it's just the weight and impact and it will get better is this correct ? Also any tips for a heavy runner and how to stay motivated would be great thanks in advance 


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    No quick fix, I'm afraid - it's really hard for the body to cope with running to begin with, but just stick with it, it will get easier, I promise. Carrying extra weight doesn't make life easy for the joints and muscles, but as they get stronger and the weight starts to drop off, you should find that you can go further or faster. It takes time, but if you stick with it, at some point soon you'll look back and say "a month ago I couldn't have done that".

    Motivation - ipod? Pick routes which are nice places to be - through the woods, canal paths, along the beach, whatever, but somewhere where you want to be. Run in loops rather than out & back routes so that the run back is different from the run out. If you're trying to run 3 miles, then try to be 1.5 miles away from the start at halfway - if you run 2 miles to bring you back to the start plus another mile to follow, you might be tempted to quit after the 2 miles. Don't force yourself out while the weather's grim, but really make the effort when the weather's nice. Find someone else to run with - is there a running club near you? It's amazing how much difference a bit of company can make.

    It's great that you're running, hope all goes well. It does get easier.
  • Thank you that's very helpful problem is I work nights so I go for a run between 6/7 in the morning after work so makes a running club or partner quite hard but will definitely look at finding some nice routes 
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    Also, if you want to vary your runs and do something different, and run say 5 miles, maybe get the train / bus to a town 5 miles away and then run back. It's a great feeling to know that you've run all the way from AAA to BBB (especially when people ask you where you ran to). This is also good if there's a very strong wind, you can get the train 5 miles upwind and have the wind behind you when you're running. The other thing about running in a loop is that often one part of it is more sheltered than the other, so it makes sense to run into the wind on the sheltered part and have the wind behind you on the exposed part (can you tell I live in a windy place?).

    Do you have a dog who might love to run with you? (might sound silly, but could you borrow one? - is there someone who needs their dog walked?).

    Make up some decent playlists for your ipod and you might look forward to the run more.

    I find that early morning is usually the best time of day to go running, especially on hotter days - you're lucky to be out running then.
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    Well done on how much you've achieved already Ben. Have you been to a proper running shop to make sure that you have the correct shoes? Whilst this won't be a magical answer to your problems it could help to alleviate some of the discomfort in your shins and ankles.

    Motivation wise come and join us in Training on the Daily Training Thread. Each morning someone will start a new thread with the day and date and some song lyrics then we all post our day's training and say whether we know the lyrics or not - you'll be made very welcome.
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  • Park runs might be a good idea. You will go d people of all abilities and plenty of positive support.
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  • Sorry to hear about such a tragedy mate but glad to here you’ve found some strength to pull yourself back up. <div>
    </div><div>I’ve only just started running, though not as heavy as you. I tend to find my ancles and calf’s burn very quickly if I do small steps. Like a shuffling jog, I don’t know what’s right or wrong but like you was doing the 2 min walk and 1 min run, (shuffle jog). The advice I was given (not on here) was to start slow.

    Anyway, I’ve not sped up, I’ve just made my strides wider. Might help?! No expert. Just don’t give up, as I have infrequently.

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