MK Marathon 2017

Anyone else doing this?

Any last minute tips?

I did this last year, had a good build up then a massive migraine during the taper which meant a week off work and a shit result. Hoping to be a good half hour better than 4:13 (which would be about a 10 minute PB) this time around. Training has gone well. Taper is going OK - bit too much booze and food... I can never resist.

One thing I learnt last year was to NOT park at the shops. My other half parked in ASDA and then moved mid-race (she wasnt competing) to the M&S/Primark area. All fine but getting out is a nightmare due to the stadium parking. Planning to try one of the industrial estates they suggest this year.

BBC/Google/Bing all have a different view on what the weather will be, it changes every hour, and I look every hour!!!

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