Where to buy new running trainers from?

I have bought my last few pairs of running shoes from Sweatshop, as the staff in the store could watch me running on the treadmill and then recommend new running trainers to fit my running style. Now sadly the two Sweatshop stores nearest to where I live in Bexley, Kent, (Dartford and Bluewater) have now shut, so I wondered where else is a good place to buy running trainers from please? Now I know I could into somewhere like Sports Direct and choose from a large range of running trainers, but I want to go somewhere where I will get some proper advise on what running trainers to choose. Thanks.


  • DazzaLDazzaL ✭✭✭
    Checkout local independent retailers. We have loads of smaller shops in Sussex that offer the same services as sweatshop.
  • Up & Running are my local shop, but not sure if they have national coverage.
  • Check out www.brandcruz.com
  • I went to a proper running shop and was given a gait analysis via a video and treadmill. The recommended trainers were over £100 a pair, and destroyed my feet. I felt so ripped off that I started buying cheap stuff in the sales, and ended up finding that Asics GT-1000 fit me perfectly and never a blister in 4 years. I always get them from sportsshoes.com and their sale dept is great for a deal too
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