Advice needed

Hello All

First time ultra marathoner here.

I have signed up for the Thames trot 50 next Feb. I have Abingdon marathon in October is it worth doing a 50 km in December or is that to late for me to recover for the trot? Any thoughts greatly appreciated.


    Plenty of time to recover, if you're training for a 50 miler a 50km is a good useful part of your training.
  • Cheers SHADES I keep being precious worried about getting injured. I have found one that looks like a nice run winter cross ultra will give it a go 28th Dec so can run off xmas pudding.
    Well you're going to have to up your training mileage after Abingdon for a 50 miler and a 50km is a good way to try out your fuelling strategy for Thames Trot.  
    With ultra training you will be ditching the speedwork and it's often the speedwork that causes the injuries, your focus will be on endurance.
  • Cheers that was my plan I'm currently following a sub 4 plan for Abingdon although with slightly longer long runs than recommended as that is my favourite run of the week. Then will move onto ultra training after October there is a lot to think about with this ultra lark
    That's good prep for your ultras by focussing on the long runs, just as well they are your favourite session
  • Not so much to think about really: enjoy lots of long runs, find new trail routes, practice eating real food while running, find what works for you for carrying water & essential supplies. Practice navigation with map and compass if you're going off-road. A 50K is a good training run on your way to a 50-miler. There are several 50-mile training plans out there if you look for them - and it's useful to look at several as you realise how much they vary, which is a good indication that nothing is set in stone in terms of training. Getting out for long hikes in the hills can also be useful - practice being on your legs for hours at a time. I like to recce the route in sections if possible - although when I did Tames Trot a good part had to be diverted from the intended route due to flooding...
  • Thanks Debra I am enjoying the trails at the moment.  I have a Solomon vest which I carry a lot of water in as I have two doggy training buddies.  I really need to practice with the maps but off to the lakes nxt week so husband giving me a crash course.
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