Eating during IM

Fellow pirates,
  I've just done a DIY half, as part of the run up to IM Frankfurt in about 7 weeks time. I really suffered from only consuming gels, lucozade and squash. What do people usually eat during an event? I hate bananas and malt loaf, so they're out. I figured it's worth asking now as I have two or three long bike rides ahead to try stuff.




  • I know where you are coming from! I never touch gels, commercial bars or energy drinks during an IM. I do use NUUN hydration tablets though! 
     I make my own bars & energy balls (there's a good little book called Energy Bites & is on itunes) that I take some recipes from.
    After the swim I usually have something solid to eat, swiped at breakfast, sitting at my bike. In my bento box & special needs I usually have a little bags with a mixture or Haribo, Jelly Babies, nuts, dried fruit & pretzels; when you take some you end up with a mixture of salt & sweet so you don't get sick of eating sweet stuff all day. 
    When it gets to the run or walk in my case, I have more of my Haribo/ nut mix and I graze on the non gel options on the feed stations. I don't mind bananas so I do eat them on the bike! 
    Something else I've tried recently on some longer MTB rides is mini pork pies and sausages. I got the idea from the Major, it's a nice addition, but is not something you want to have sitting around in hot weather festering before you eat them!! 
  • At the Lakesman I mixed things up every 20 min. Aldi paelio bar, then pepperami  then gel. Seemed to go OK and give me something to think about on the bike. Didn't have any adverse effects if you get my drift.
  • Late reply I know but I have been using clif blocks and flapjack with great success
  • I took a cheese and ham baguette with me at Lakesman and sat on the sea wall to eat it.  it was yummy.

  • I dilute gels with water and put in one water bottle. The other will have energy drink and I'll replace at feed stations when needed. 

    In my Bento box on the top tube I have flapjack squares and gingerbread men (cheers flyaway) 

    Every 5 miles cos my watch beeps then I'll rotate with a mouthful of gels or flapjack or gingerbread or drink. 

    Works okay for me and I don't get too bored. 
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