Bath Hilly Half and Ultra-10k 2017

Dr RobertDr Robert ✭✭✭
The Bath Hilly Half and Ulra-10k (actually 12.45km) are on 12 November 2017, starting from Bath Racecourse. Anyone interested?


  • Have just signed up for this although currently super unfit. I ran half the course the other day (although was trying to work out route from the map on the homepage and got lost once or twice) averaging roughly 11 1/2 min miles so lots of work to be done!
    Any advice on a good training regime to gradually improve my speed? I'm keen to train on the actual route as much as possible. Any advice much appreciated.
  • Just signed up for this & had some training doing Purbeck so this should be a walk in the park ;) now training on the ship treadmill as I'm not that sure it will be that easy :)
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