Best Android running app?

OnwardsOnwards ✭✭
I'm recently changed to an Android phone and am currently using Google Fit to track my runs. Which Android app do you use and which features do you find most useful? Thanks

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  • silk186silk186 ✭✭
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    I used runkeeper before
    alternative to gives you a list
    you can also check google to see top rated and top downloaded.

    It is mostly preference as they all use your phone to collect data.
    Maybe use what your friends are using to compete, that has helped to drive fitbit sales.
    I use a xiaomi band so I use the xiaomi software now.


  • Thanks. I'll give runkeeper a try. I had a Harmon forerunner which sadly died and I'm trying to resist buying another!
  • I think most people reckon either Strava or Runkeeper are the most fully featured, both of which require a subscription for some features (training programs etc).

    I have always used Runkeeper and have been very happy with it.

    I recently bought a Tomtom Spark from the Tomtom outlet (under £50) and find that excellent as it uploads to Runkeeper (as well as the Tomtom stats thing).
  • QrszxQrszx ✭✭
    I have tried probably more apps than I should admit, but I think the list is: Runkeeper, Ghostracer, Strava, Nike+ Run Club and even Endomondo and Fitbit once.

    Runkeeper: I really love it, seems really accurate and the features just feel right. I adopted it as my main app when I thought it was the only free app to have intervals. Only down side is that mine crashes occasionally at the start of a run, but I have a feeling it might be my phone. Can log most activities. I love finding and mapping new routes from their website to load into the app.

    Ghostracer: I would say this is on par with Runkeeper. Less flashy, but never crashes. Still haven't tried the interval settings yet, but it does them! I don't think it has its own platform, but uploads to Strava, Runkeeper and/or Smashrun. Also loads Strava segments so you can race yourself. Unsure if this logs more than running, maybe cycling too?

    Strava: Was a really solid app, just found I never used it. Seems to have a more active community than the others. The segments feature is good fun.

    Nike+ Run Club: Free training programmes! I am sure someone more experienced would be able to say whether or not the training programmes are any good, but they at least seem to fit with current training orthodoxy and update based on your performances. The online and social aspects of it are terrible, in my opinion. It's pretty solid and I used it for a long time myself. Looks pretty cool too.

    Endomondo and Fitbit: Couldn't really say, only had one use each and I just ended up reverting back to my old ways.

    Hope that helps!
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  • I've used a heap of apps to track my runs on Android (including Run Keeper, MapMyRun, Endomondo, Wahoo Fitness). By far the best one and the one that i use to this day is Strava, reasons:
    1. It has the best community so you are most likely to be able to follow your friends running and have them follow yours if you use Strava (I've also met a lot of local runners through Strava)
    2. Segments. They make every street and hill into a virtual race course where you can compete against anyone who's ever run there. So cool.
  • I've used a lot of running apps too...but all of them are missing something: I cannot plan the route before going for a run. I was frustrated until I found "Just Draw It" I draw the route with my finger, until i reach the distance I want to run and then just go running!
  • This is the one
  • <span>I normally use Nike Run Club to track my run. But I am looking for an app or device that will allow me to set up a bespoke run. Say for 10 miles, and then for mile 1 I want to run at 9 minute miles, then mile 2 to 6 I want to run at 8.5 minute miles, etc. Then when I start the run the app/device keeps track of my progress according to the plan and notifies me to speed up or slow down to achieve the rates set. Does anyone know of an app or device that does this? </span>
  • somberlainsomberlain ✭✭
    I’ve been using map my run. Along with Zombies! Run. I like adding the story to my run 😊
  • FletcolFletcol ✭✭
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