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Hmmmm, so my sports massage lady told me about it and I thought sounds easy enough....... not that I had ran in forever. Cycled yes, but not ran, for the bus maybe but nothing else. So I started out in a dodgy pair of skechers which killed my feet the first run and actually made a mess of my legs. First run was a killer but I was so made up with myself I thought sod it, get some new trainers already, which I did and the second run was still hard work but my feet don't hurt hardly at all. So I proceeded to run a third time then c25k said run for 90 seconds this week..... I'd hardly mastered 60 seconds so I did the first week again and tried the second week last week-ish. Well.ive stepped up my pace slightly and am running/walking at roughly 12.45 mins a mile which I'm not happy with, and I'm already into my third week which I'm not even going to attempt until I've done my second again.
Now my local running club on there website says some beginners can't even run for 60 seconds when they start.....
Well for people who don't do any sport at all I think we'd all be surprised how many can't run for 60 seconds. Am I taking to long or is it genuinely expected to up my run time 30 seconds every week after 3 runs. Seems like a big jump to me. For the record I'm 15.8st 5'11 and 46. Bit if a belly but not massive by any account. I just think the c25k plan appears to be designed for healthier people than the average jo........

If you read all this, thank you !


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    CrazeeT, the C25k plan is just a guide. Some people find it more difficult at first and have to repeat weeks. I am helping a friend who has never run before (aged 48) and we progressed slowly in the first 3-4 weeks. Once she was getting used to running and had her pace/breathing worked out we were able to progress more quickly. She is really enjoying running now and can run continuously for at least 15 mins at a time with a 1 minute walk break and we took part in our local parkrun at the weekend.

    The main problem we had at the start was that she tried to do the run parts too fast. Now we do a slow jog and chat as we go. Don't worry about pace until you have completed the C25k plan.

    Hope you keep going, you'll get there in the end
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    I just did my first run and it was difficult, I didn't quite manage my last two sprints. You're not alone!
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    I have tried the C25k a few times and its a bl**dy hard slog if your just starting out and never run for years ... I dont think my fitness is at fault I seem to suffer more from painful shins its this reason I joined here to ask about this see if I can get some advice
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    Well I'm up to regular 5 milers 2 or 3 times a week. Club running us the way forward. So.much easier to run in a club. Your head gives up way before your legs.
  • Hey everyone, I've got an issue with C25k - I reached week six and then stopped for like a month and started again, but now I feel my running isn't so good as before and I realized my pace is actually very slow and I run out of breath really quickly. I don't have a problem with shin splints or my legs or anything like that - the main problem is really my breathing and making myself keep up with the pace. Any help would be appreciated.
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    It could be a number of things Sheila. 

    The temperature makes a big difference to me - I prefer running at below 10degC, and much over 15degC makes me puff a lot more. 


    The expectation of being able to pick up where you left off.  You need a couple of weeks to get back to where you were after a month off, so keep it easy and it'll come back.

    If it's none of those, could you be anaemic? Red blood cells transfer oxygen to the muscles, so if you are down on those, your body will compensate by trying to take more oxygen into your lungs.
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    Could you speak whilst you ran ? If not then your going to fast !
  • Thank you guys, actually I run at like 30-40degC, it's very hot where I live (but I run at night)

    Don't know if I'm anaemic - never really considered that. I will see if my breathing improves in a while because I really did miss a lot of running time.
  • If you can't speak when you run your going to fast.
  • Was it a bad idea to start #C25k on a day when it was 95 degrees? Don't forget our new C25K programme starts this Saturday. Just come to Riverfront at 8.45am & we'll take care of the rest. You could do something simple like the C25k app. Gets you running a 5k in 8 weeks using HIIT style. It worked for me :) Running back home for the 2nd half is easier than the way out. I could keep going, but my couch misses me.
  • Any tips for a newbie who wants to start running? I did a little bit before having my little one but nothing structured and feel like a complete beginner again :o
  • I've just downloaded the c25K app and will start in a few days time, so fingers crossed it goes well :)
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    Just remember if it’s hard just repeat a week, so if week x is your hard week do that week twice in a row or even three times, and then go onto the next week. There is no one timing / pushing you / creating a deadline, just take it at your speed.
  • I went for a run last night - managed 2.8k on and off. Decided to try C25K starting from tonight to build up my strength. Fingers crossed!
    "it does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop"
  • > @booktrunk said:
    > Just remember if it’s hard just repeat a week, so if week x is your hard week do that week twice in a row or even three times, and then go onto the next week. There is no one timing / pushing you / creating a deadline, just take it at your speed.

    I definitely agree with this advice. I was struggling with week 5 recently, thought about giving up but then switched to week 4 again. The next week when I tried week 5 it worked!
  • Oooh I was wanting to post about this too!

    I downloaded the C25K app after taking a notion to start running. On 28th April. I have not really run more than the length of myself since about 2006, and I am 40 this year. I loved the first 3 sessions (8 reps of run for 60s, walk for 90 s (I think)). I found the jump to the next week (6 reps of run for 90s, walk 2 mins) really hard. There was another jump at the end of week 5 when you go from running 8 minutes to running for 20 minutes.

    I'm now on running (I say running!) for 25 minutes, but I am so slow!! My last one was only 1.77 miles and that was when I had sped up for the last 5 minutes! According to C25K, I am supposed to be able to run 5k in 30 minutes in a couple of weeks!

    I'm actually finding it okay, but I was wondering about the slowness, or if 5k in 30 minutes within a few weeks of training is realistic when you are going from the couch?

    I actually wanted to write a new post about slowness but I can't figure out how?
  • I also just realised you can only start a new thread after you have commented a few times.
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