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  • So how do people track you? I can't work it out/find it on the Comrades website - and I thought someone posted about it but I can't find that either!
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    Track on a phone app if you like
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    So you have to download an app. Then what? Will it work on a computer, or only on an iPhone/Android phone?

    I've found a computer alternative: go to… then click on the "Search" button and put in 11026, then click on the "Tracker" button and it will show how far I still have to go.

  • Debra - there's a comrades app you can download and put people's names/numbers into. Maximum 10 I think someone said. Don't know whether that just tracks you over the timing mats but last year they also sent a code which you put into the app and it literally tracked you every step of the way which is quite good
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    The above only goes an a telephonic device.

    They will put up an ultimate live page on the main Comrades site, probably called "2018 Results" (who also have a telephonic device tracking app) but currently all I can see is the 2017 version 

    No doubt the 2018 version will be linked in soon

  • Looks like the "2017 Results" is ready for the 2018?: go to… then click on the "Search" button and put in 11026, then click on the "Tracker" button and it seems to show how far I still have to go.
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    I believe we are speaking the same language but with different phrasing :)
  • lowrez: agree - crossed posts there!
  • Lovely and sunny in capetown..they had a couple of days of much needed rain just before we arrived...see you all later in the week
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    Envious of those already there, still 3 working days to go here :(
  • lowrez: same here. :-(

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  • jkissanejkissane ✭✭✭
    Mentally I'm already there but physically not travelling 'til Thur afternoon :) Had a nice run in the local half-marathon with a friend yesterday, goal at the start was under 2:20 so he was happy to finish just under 2:17. 

    Been looking at the weather in Durban for next Sun, dare I even whisper it that it doesn't look too bad?

    Safe travels to everyone.
  • jkissane - great pacing

    Can we pick up a new championchip at the expo. I said originally that I had one but I haven't got the faintest idea where it is
  • marty74marty74 ✭✭✭
    Now it feels real, just received my final confirmation to pick up my number at the expo.

    SS - I am sure you can buy another chip at the expo. Might be worth asking someone before you queue to collect your number since you probably have to go to another stand to buy and then come back to collect your number to match the two together.

    And what weather report are you reading? The ones i keep looking at shows it getting hotter!!! Nice run by the way.

    Getting excited :)
  • jkissanejkissane ✭✭✭
    This is my goto weather provider most of the time:

    Tbh my pacing consisted of suggesting we ease back in the early stages as my buddy has been burnt by that before & then lots of encouragement towards the end. Although he did say my nonstop enthusiasm almost pushed him over the edge in the last k & he came dangerously close to telling me where to go :)
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭

    SS - you can defo go get a new chip at the chip table at the expo, make sure you don't go to the pasta table though or you will not purchase a tracking device - I think it will cost you a few groats.

    I did 8 miles yesterday in my race day kit, trying to be good and not floor it, first run I had done since 13 last Monday - I ran that in my London Marathon trainers and had forgotten how they slapped my left ankle about, sore ligaments after the run, so I had to wait until things settled back down - probably not a bad thing taper wise - keen to run in the same pair though so I experimented with lacing yesterday and think I have cracked it, not sore today, hmm should I risk it though, I have a well worn pair waiting in the wings as substitute?

    Excited too - love this road - soooo want to run it again.

  • BBC Weather agrees with the forecast jkissane links to - maybe 24-25 C at the hottest on Sunday in Durban. BBC also gave about 10C for 5-6 am in Pietermaritzburg, so not too bad - I do have 'throw-away' clothes for there and a running jacket to wear until it warms up then discard as well. Taking a few pairs of running shoes and a few other bits of kit to hand over to the various charities at the expo who take those things. Suitcases should be lighter on the way back than on the way out.

    Yesterday I enjoyed the usual 90-minutes run with the club, mostly on trail, but took the car there rather than running there and back. Cycled in today, but the next couple of days will take the trail and only jog the 1.5 miles to/from the rail station. Aiming to get to bed early tonight and tomorrow night - spent half the weekend packing to try to avoid staying up until 1am on Tuesday night getting ready.
  • Terry48Terry48 ✭✭✭
    Wow.  It's all getting very exciting in the short run up to the big day - so much to look forward to after the many months of preparation!  I must admit that I'm rather green with envy, being able to only be a mere spectator this year.

    Nevertheless, I'm really looking forward to a week in Durban and a then a further two weeks of sunshine, safari and friends and family visits. My wife will be joining me after the Durban week (When all was originally booked in September last year she planned to avoid the Comrades spectator week - she has been there for so many times in early years and doesn't cope well with the crowds).  At the time of booking I had planned to be running - during the few months after booking, some health issues arose and sadly spoiled any decent amount of training.  Ah well, at least it's the parkrun for me.

    I have just finished packing and will shortly head for Birmingham airport for Air France to Johannesburg via Paris, then driving to Durban on Wednesday. Travel safely everybody and take care to avoid any late over-exuberance related injuries!  I look forward to seeing you all in Durban.  Good luck on the day.
  • Mc HillyMc Hilly ✭✭✭
    Definitely feeling excited now, I’m taking the tapering seriously ;-) and only did a gentle parkrun at the weekend, and will do another short run this eve and maybe fit in one more sauna ( not sure if it really helps with the heat adaptation, but someone recommended it to me before my first Comrades and I didn’t find heat too bad on the day... so have been doing it again this time) safe travels everyone and see you soon
  • Lowrez - is your race day costume relatively 'normal'? :)

    Terry - keep positive and keep looking after yourself. Maybe next year.

    I'm also tapering very seriously B) and also going off for a last sauna this afternoon. Again, not sure whether it helps but was recommended last year so doing it again. Final preparations here. Sorting dogs to go on their holidays and doing my daughter duties before we leave
  • I've noted a lot less discussion of heat adaptation on this forum this year compared to the previous two years - presumably because we've actually had some hot weather and been able to run in the heat.
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭

    SS - I shall be patriotically conspicuous whilst relatively sensible this year - I would hate to don a skirt and wig and end up dnfing - if I can up the pace a little this year and come home a bit earlier then I might become more adventurous in further years :)

    Looking forward to seeing you again Terry - our chat in the London finish chute with Running Rodent was far too brief especially as the post run pub plans fell through.

    I have been running when its hottest with no water and also driving around without aircon and windows up - that can be absolutely stifling at times. Mrs 1owrez has also been doing a staunch job, as usual, by having the central heating on at ALL times!

    Just booked airport taxis to and from Manchester - was stunned at how much parking was - suppose I have left it late - now I will be chauffeured about and won't have to worry about losing further key fobs en-route :)

  • good luck  to everyone - I am super jealous not to be there this year 

    I've finally got round to retrieving the footage off my water damaged camera from last years race

    It's not been edited particularly well - but should hopefully get a few of you excited with anticipation to this year's running 
  • I've just had a cheeky read back through the last few pages - fantastic to see the familiar faces and the excitement building...

    I'll be tracking on Sunday 
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    Mr z! Mr Z! Fantastic footage! My eyes stated leaking at the early singing and how fresh did you look all the way through :) Sorry you're not on the road with us this year, but I can tell your spirit will be.
  • Becca7Becca7 ✭✭✭
    Mr Z, thanks. There’s no more blood curdling sound in the world than the Max Trimborn rooster. 

    Regarding acclimatisation, I certainly have had plenty of warm weather running this year but I’ve also been to hot yoga a few times, including yesterday. It struck me that those of us posting this year have tended to have done at least one Comrades. Any newbies good luck. And of course good luck to the old hands. 
  • Bike ItBike It ✭✭✭
    Best wishes all the the final stages.  Sorry about your news PG3.  I am very jealous of all who will be running on Sunday - but of course very happy for you at the same time.  It is the greatest event in the world IMHO. Enjoy
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    Been meaning to ask this, what are the logistic of getting to Pietermaritzburg on the Sunday as in what time do the buses leave from Durban? I've done one down run but was able to share a taxi with some other people staying in the same hotel that time. Thanks!
  • Mr Z - great video and good timing. It made me quite emotional

    Becca - thats really strange. I was jut thinking myself yesterday that I didn't think there were any newbies this year.

    jkissane - Presume someone will come on with an answer soon but I remember reading that some people had to run to the start line as the buses were late :'(

    What experience have others had. I have stressed over that a bit but guess its out of my control. Earlier start than last year though!!
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