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  • good luck all - i'm feeling excited all the way from here! 
    is there a list of numbers for tracking purposes? 
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    Thanks mr z, page back a bit for that list of numbers :)
  • jkissanejkissane ✭✭✭
    Expo visit all done this afternoon so all good on that front. Managed to snag a lift to the start with someone in Umhlanga so will avoid having to travel to Durban for the bus. We're leaving at 2:30 also.

    26362 is my number for Sun.

    Very best of luck to everyone!
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    27 hours door to door, just managed to do the expo in last 15 minutes. Got my bus band with 16 seconds left on the clock, felt like the usual Comrades finish :)
  • Realised I had misread the bus tour arrangements so managed to cancel that last minute and sorting out later arrangements to get to we can do parkrun now...probably will do North beach but very jealous to hear a few are doing the 1000 hills one
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    Can I have your's and mr seren's lunches if you aren't doing the tour now seren :)
  • We managed to get a refund tonight :)
  • Belaire is now aiming to offer breakfast from 1.30 am. We're leaving by 2.30am - after a little bit of struggle Avid in Durban accepetd the printed scans of the driving licence!

    lowrez, very glad to hear you've arrived and managed the expo.

    Looking forward to the parkrun tomorrow - North Beach for a third time but it is very convenient...
  • Terry48Terry48 ✭✭✭
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    Have a really great run tomorrow everybody and sleep well for your little sleep time before tomorrow's wake up call!

    I must say I'm quite disappointed to not be running and therefore now only 'lurking' on this blog.  This was supposed to be my 'after 70th birthday' Comrades 'swan song'.  It is, however, really good to see so many of you again and experience all the excitement and preparations of the buildup.  I've not given up on a try for next year but that will depend very heavily on how my health issues progress.

    May your races yield everything that you have trained hard and are hoping for!
  • Mc HillyMc Hilly ✭✭✭
    It’s great that you’re here and we are really appreciating your support, hopefully next year we’ll all be running it together!
  • Terry, really sorry that you are not running - but really good to have you here and supporting us: it IS appreciated. Definitely hoping you'll be running it next year!
  • HELP! Anyone got a 935 charging lead that I can borrow for a couple of hours today or tomorrow night or for a few hours on Monday? Down to 70% which will be fine for tomorrow but is not going to last me the following week, and I can't find my charging lead.
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    Hope to see you and Moses tomorrow Terry :)
  • Terry48Terry48 ✭✭✭
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    Debra, You're welcome to borrow my Garmin 610 charger. I'm fairly sure that will 'fit'. I have no great need to keep mine fully charged so you can keep it overnight.

    Lowrez, glad you made it here 'just in time' for expo etc. See you at Moses' place - well before dark I trust!
  • Terr y, what's your room number so I can come and get it - or meet at the lift if you remind me which floor you're on.
  • Terry48Terry48 ✭✭✭
    I'm on 10th - room 1010, whenever suits you.  I'll be here for a while.
  • on my way up! Thanks.
  • Sadly Terry's 610 charger didn't work... Still looking for a 935 charging lead if anyone has one!
  • Hey Terry - glad that you’re here to join us in spirit which is what this race is all about.  Have a good sleep everyone if you can - it’s almost time.

    Debra sorry about the charger issue so late on the day.
  • Mac3Mac3 ✭✭✭
    Debra - I've a fenix 5s which seems to have the same lead as a 935. I'll pack it in my tog bag so you can borrow it. We don't leave Durban until Tuesday morning.

    Have a good race everyone!
  • Mac3 - THANK YOU! See you tomorrow, Debra

    Good running, everyone!
  • Shhhh....they’re sleeping...(tiptoes out...)
  • Just checking in what time people are meeting in the night and bean tomorrow....that was a tough race
  • Steve way was third..he used to post in this forum for years under the name marigold
  • Seren - I didn't know he used to post here.

    Trying to find out Mugg & Bean times from the Comrades UK & Ireleand Facebook group - will update if I get any info.
  • Lacking any other info I will eat breakfast at the hotel then wander over about 10am.
  • Gathering from 9.30 at the Mugg & Bean. I'll have breakfast at the hotel fist and able along about 10 am or so.
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭

    Any news on @Dannirr - look Dannirr I'm having some kind of traditional South African dinner, despite previous perceptions of "pap" it is very good, but I am leaving the other mix of stuff as it is far too spicy for apres Comrades. After setting up the sub 11 by halfway I crashed to a lowrez style 11:54, but very happy with that; it was a tough day out there. Hope everyone else managed to land what they were after :)
  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭
    Nice one lowrez!  Sorry I missed seeing you this weekend!

    Huge congrats to all - such a rough race!

    My day did not end well.  As you know, I've had a hip injury for the last 6 or 7 weeks. In that time, I've not run outdoors once  - I did plenty running, but all on an anti gravity treadmill to reduce impact. I did not do any runs over 15 miles or so.  I skipped the park run the day before Comrades as I did not want to take any chance eon it before Sunday.   Well, I was fine until the bottom of Pollys, but on the climb out it started to hurt and within a very short time it was severe.  I could not see another 70km of that being good for it, so I withdrew at about 21km.

    Time to get it properly sorted out now, and then back to running.

    Best part of the trip though was renewing all your friendships.  Safe travels home everyone. See you next year!

  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
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    Sorry you weren't in shape for this one Dannirr, absolutely the right thing to do getting in to difficulties that early on. Safe journeys, swift recoveries :)
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