Manchester Marathon 2018

Date is out, before fixture lists Sunday 8th April 2018.

Entries on sale 26th June, you can pre register and they say you'll get their early price of £50. 



  • FayaFaya ✭✭✭
    I've pre-registered. I had an awful run this year, so I want to have another go.
  • Hotel booked and pre-registered.
  • Entered and at the lower price of £45!

  • I've signed up as well. This will be my first marathon. I keep telling myself it is a good idea.
  • Hi ropeladder, it's a fantastic idea whether its a one off or not!  It should be my 20th marathon inc ultras (13th Road marathon).  How long you been running for? what have you done prior?  no need to start training till November time.
  • I'm in too! For me it is a comeback marathon after two horrendous races. More importantly, one of my first races in my new hometown of Manchester!
  • Hi Robert, I've got quite a few 1/2s under my belt but nothing much in the last couple of years.
    On a very good day I was somewhere near average. My plan is to run for fun over the summer, train for a 1/2 in the autumn and then kick on from there.

    I'm hoping to get a bit of a support network going to help keep me motivated, hence contributing to this thread.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I've signed up again. I was considering trying a different marathon next year, but since I have a friend up there to stay with, it's a relatively cheap option. And it's a good race - lots of support.
  • UrbaneFox - The marathon distance is hard, you can train for months and still fall to pieces.  I have cramped in final 3 miles on 3 occasions now twice missing out on my pb by about a minute.  What problems have you found in your past experiences?

    Ropeladder - I've used this forum for other races before (Brighton) and was a great help, put any old crap here! we don't mind. 

    Cal - seems that Manchester have iron out their distance problems and baggage problems that's one of the reasons I'm in.  That and after just missing out on my 2015 pb (3.44) at Milton Keynes 3.45.06 I wanted the flattest race I could find, thought about Boston (UK) but thought the crowds and support would help.

    Got a busy Summer/ Autumn on the horizon!

    Next Sunday (16th) Fairlands Valley 50k, local off road run

    Aug 28th Cakeathon Saxon Shore Lapped event

     Oct 6-9th Atlantic Coast Challenge 3 maras 3 days along SW Costal path (going to be Brutal)

    Oct 29th Stort 30 out and back along river - local race

    Month out

    an early half marathon in 2018 then Manchester


  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Robert - definitely. I did 2016 which was the correct distance but the baggage was a nightmare. You'd expect to be ecstatic after finishing your first marathon, but I was cold and miserable in a queue. However, they really turned it around this year - everything was silky smooth.

    I am still dealing with high hamstring tendinopathy, which severely hampered my training after Manchester. I was able to get through Liverpool marathon with it, but the lack of training between races meant a tough race for me.

    Since then I did a slow and very hot 10K on Wednesday evening in preparation for a 10 miler next weekend (16th). I don't race well during the summer, it seems.
    I have three halves booked for the Autumn and a half booked in March next year. I'll probably do Hampton Court in February too - it's a good race.
  • Another big race done 50km FVC 11 minute PB on last years race, 5hr 24.

    6 weeks till cakeathon

    12 weeks till Atlantic Coast Challenge

    15 weeks till Stort 30

    then 2-4 off before Manchester training

  • Anyone else got much coming up?
  • I'm struggling with a dodgy right leg at the moment. Does anyone know a good physio in the Stockport area?
  • hey rope, sorry I cant recommend any in Stockport. my cousin uses the one at Lancashire county cricket ground, but I use one in worsley called athletes matters. Have you had a look on the Stockport AC website; as they may recommend a local to you physio?

    Hi Cal, I have been recovering from a HHT injury - I had it really severe and it took me a while to rehab the leg properly. getting over the injury not such a big problem it is getting it to work again properly that is tricky part. you can expect 3 months if not longer of rehab. I am sure that you have a physio nonetheless, the exercises that mine gave me were:  single leg bridges, split squats but whilst leaning forward so that the chest is almost leaning on the bent knee, Nordic curls, squats, Romanian deadlifts - single leg, and hamstring curls using an exercise ball. Initially my error was not doing the correct frequency - I then went on to exercising the hamstring 3 or 4 times a week!!!

  • Pete - ugh that's a lot! I have to say I find SLDLs really hard because I'm dyspraxic and I have trouble balancing. I do yoga and get a lot of balance practise there but for some reason it doesn't seem to help with the SLDLs.
  • Hi Cal, Wobble boards are good for balance. however, it's the single legged bridge that formed the principal rehab for my HHT. static loading the area until all pain disappeared.

  • So, Pete, do you do a static bridge, then, rather than one legged hip thrust-type bridges?
  • First time for me, looks nice and flat too,quite excited already! haven't got a clue where to park, a park and ride looks the best option. I've got the Yorkshire Marathon in Oct (4th Time)  and maybe the Brass Monkey again in Jan. 
  • I'm back up and running, quite slowly and not very far but at least I'm doing something.
    The Stockport 10 (miles) in December might be a target for me to aim for but I haven't committed yet, has anyone else entered?
  • Ropeladder glad to hear you're back and running, hopefully pain free!!!

    Puddy tat the flatness appeals to me too, only focused on achieving a PB after running 3.44.00 oct 15, I've had a 3.45 and 2x 3.47's.

    Training been a bit hit and miss, experiencing a bit of pain in my left knee, had it there a year ago and it just went so hoping for more the same.  

    Had the chance to go to the World Champs on Monday, pretty decent night, also went to watch the marathon up london on sunday that was brilliant, loved Ali Dixon taking it by storm, shame she blew up a bit as much as I'd love to run a 7 min mile at mile 25, when you're averaging 5.40s must be a bit of a kick in the balls! 
  • Cal Jones said:
    So, Pete, do you do a static bridge, then, rather than one legged hip thrust-type bridges?

    Hi Cal, I did both but the focus was on the static loading. a 20 seconds hold  x 20 reps. in a normal type bridge, followed by an extended leg bridge, in the same session, (leg stretched out further away from the body). Its quite a lot so I had to work up to that. hip thrusts were added once a week and static loading 4 dys a week.

    After a while i did just the extended leg version and we would vary the session 40s x 10 reps to 15 reps. as it became stronger is then when I was advised to add in squats, split squats, Romanian deadlifts, hamstring curls and Nordics.

    It can be a tough injury to recover from; in terms of timescale and returning to full functionality so don't give up. It simply may take a while.

  • Greetings!,
    I'll be doing this one for the first time looking for a PB. Does anyone know if they fixed the bag drop issue I read about? I heard people had to wait for a long time to collect after the race a couple of years back. (Apologies if this has been covered)
  • Hi Jimbobello,

    Few friends ran it this year and they said baggage had been fixed.

  • Thanks Robert, That's a relief. I had visions of missed trains home standing in long lines in the rain.
  • one of the reasons that put me off from running this year, ran Milton Keynes instead, can recommend that one as brilliantly organized, not totally flat but nothing too challenging.

    How are people ticking along?

  • I'm not doing too badly although work commitments have caused a few issues with my midweek sessions.

    My biggest issue is getting lost or going on unplanned detours on my long runs, I like to mix up the scenery and explore new routes but I can't remember all the directions and have ended up in ploughed fields and overgrown paths on a couple of occasions.

    How do other people cope?
  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭
    I'm in. Did it last year and really enjoyed it despite all of the problems with baggage etc. Fully expected everything to be much improved this year and, by all accounts, that was certainly the case. Plan is to do Manchester and then London 2 weeks later. Have the Abingdon marathon at the end of October to get through first though! :)
  • First Time at Manchester for me, not too far away so will drive  and use a park and ride i think. I have the Yorkshire Marathon in about 3 weeks time so will sort of just ease back into the training I've already done after that. Ropeladder, I don't always plan the whole route, I have most of the route in my head and sometimes add to it if i want to go longer, I do like a bit of trail though. Only time I had a problem was a few weeks ago where i ended up on a long and pretty dangerous country road where cars, Lorries and cyclists were too close for comfort and only narrow hedgerows to jump out of the way.
  • Thanks Puddy, it's reassuring to know that it isn't just me. I might be more careful when it is colder and darker.
  • ropeladder, I have a 50km race off road near me, it was self navigation however I learned the course by walking it with my other half (and also in reverse) occasionally now I also take detours across fields or see way posts and try to tag on little bits here and there too.

    Tom have you done Abingdon before? it's where my PB is 2 years ago. loved it flat and no messing, serious field of runners great for those who are looking for their male 3.05/3.15 and female 3.45 GFA times.

    Puddy tat I got on the wrong road before, I now know to turn back and not to duck in and out of hedges for safety.

    2 weeks on Friday till Atlantic Coast Challenge, and have gone done with mild manful!!! Not idea but looking on the bright side, the main training is in the bank, it's not like its a race that needs me at the top of my game to PB it's a challenge of the distance rather than time, just hope caffeine and flu tabs will see me through.

    Could be down to the change in weather or shock to the system with my diet... lost 7lb in 2 weeks (weight that I needed to lose).

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