Runsac or Race vest

I'm again entering this years Rat race Man vs Lake held in the Lake District and looking at changing my current Innov 8 runsac. The one I have contains a hydration bladder of which I don't like using, so choose you go for bottles. The runsac doesn't have front pouches to store the bottles so it's why I was looking to see if a running vest would be best.
I need to also carry the mandatory kit list (food, drink, waterproofs, first aid etc) with me so need to make sure the running vest is able to carry my gear.
The kit I need is on the following link.

Alternately, if you can recommend a runsac with front pouches for bottles it would be appreciated.



  • I use a Salomon ultra vest but I'm not sure if you would fit everything in - or how you would utilise the dry bag with it. 2l of fluid is quite a lot. The Salomon has two 500ml soft front flasks (which are easy to use) and would take your top and bottom cover, first aid kit, food etc.
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