Hello fellow runners!

After 10 years of London living, I am taking the plunge and moving to Manchester this summer. I've done some research on Manchester running clubs, but wondered if anyone has any tips or info on the local clubs. I will be living initially (at least 12 months) in the centre (Northern Quarter) and will eventually get a car, but will be cycling and on public transport at first. I am really looking forward to getting involved in the running scene, and am hoping to finally try some fell running in the nearby peaks!

Any thoughts welcome!


  • Pete HoltPete Holt ✭✭✭

    Hey, wise decision on your relocation. ;)

    Sale Harriers have regular group sessions as do Chorlton Runners. both have facebook pages where you can keep up to date with what is happening.  However, Chorlton runners is probably more social than Sale Harriers, in that there are random groups meeting up for mid week jogs etc. I write that having moved from Chorlton to Sale Harriers. both are less than 5 miles from the city centre. Both groups have fell running activities.

    There is also Trafford AC and Manchester Forerunners that I am aware of.

    hope this helps

  • Many thanks for this Pete - much appreciated! I have been amazed at the depth and choice in running clubs in Greater Manchester. It has made choosing a lot harder, so in reality I think I will have to give a few a go, and see where feels like "home".

    Sale have a fantastic reputation, so I think I will give them a go. Salford Harriers are doable from my flat, as are Manchester YMCA Harriers and Frontrunners.

    Hope to see you around in my new city!

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    You've got a lot of parkruns to work your way through too. I'm a Londoner like you but have a friend up their I visit a few times of year. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  • I echo Pete's comment about your choice of relocation! :smile: Welcome to the North West... I say this as an ex-pat Cornish Maid but I love Manchester and its environs.

    One of my workmates is a Chorlton Runner - a very friendly club, as I understand it from him. Sale is much more "hardcore" - they're always at the top of the cross country results, that's for sure... and Chorlton's mainly black kit is cooler B) than Sale's mostly green kit... hahaha... (btw - I have no affiliation either way... I'm in a town just south of Manchester).

  •  Hi Cal - you're right about the Park Runs! There are more options than I realised :)

    Hi Little Nell - I think I am tempted with going for a friendly club this time round. I joined a "hardcore" London club, but I can't say it was the friendliest or most welcoming environment. Moving to Manchester is about resetting many things, and getting back to actually enjoying running is a big part of that! I would be lying if I said the colour of the kit isn't a consideration ;-)

  • Pete HoltPete Holt ✭✭✭

    Hey Nell, you are very accurate in your summary of both clubs. Chorlton Runners is very friendly group. They have some strong runners, although as you have identified Sale is a great club with several top coaches hence my decision to leave Chorlton. Regardless of my own decision to leave Chorlton; I recommend Chorlton Runners to everybody particularly those new to the area looking to generate new acquaintances or friendships.

    Urbane Fox, there are plenty of Park Runs as Cal as already mentioned. I have been to 3 - Platt Fields, Wythenshawe Park, and Worsley Woods. (there are loads more). Platt Fields, from memory, would be your closest based in the city centre. Flat course but gets a few puddles. I am concentrating on my 5k running during the summer so if you want to meet up at a park run send me a message.


  • Hey Pete - that would be great. I had a horrendous end of 2016 and start to 2017 with injuries. I have been building back up and I am now running four times a week and am managing to reintroduce some speed. I have optimistically put myself down for Manchester half and then full, but would like to build up some speed in my 5k and 10k initially before tuning up for the longer distances. I popped over to Heaton Park Park Run when I was last up (albeit as a spectator) - that looked like a great place to get some hill work in!  

    Am definitely interested in Platts Fields.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Little Nell and I have both done the marathon. It's nice and flat and the crowd support is amazing. You'll enjoy it (as much as enjoying the pain of running 26 miles is possible!)
    I've also done Liverpool marathon (in May) which isn't too far away and whilst it's not flat, it's a great route (interesting, and lots of parks) and also fun. I don't think you'll regret your decision to move up there.
  • Cheers Cal! I think that is what I am really excited about...there are so many running opportunities not just in Manchester, but throughout the North West and Yorkshire. I travelled up for the Leeds Abbey Dash last year, but it will be so much easier this year from Manchester! Looking forward to trying some fell running too!
  • Hi all! 

    If anyone’s interested I have Chester Half Marathon 2018 place I can’t use (fractured my back, no running for 12months ?!).
    Going for £25. PM if interested.

  • Dave928Dave928 ✭✭✭
    This might be too late now but I can highly recommend the YMCA Harriers. It's the second oldest running club in the UK (so they say), not too big and very friendly. The kit might be an acquired taste though...
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