Knee pain - First major injury?

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I have been running 8 years - done 25 marathons in that time and many shorter races but been really lucky and never had any injury that's put me out for more than a few days. Until now.... i have very painful pains around the base of my kneecap and up the inner side. Initially i thought it was tendinitis but the pain is slowly beginning to move around the sides of the kneecap. It hurts driving, sitting for too long and i also wake in the night with pains. Its been sore for at least 4 months now but is getting worse all of a sudden. I can run on it although i do get sharp pains and i can deffo feel a lack of power in the joint. Read a lot about patellar tendinitis and i need to strengthen quads etc but my legs are strong enough as i run steep hills daily and can maintain a strong pace up them (7mm) - could i be looking at something else being wrong? i have read that tendinitis can sometimes not be cured by rest alone. Worried that my NYC marathon in November is in danger as i am in the training window now.


  • I would advise going to see a professional as you want to nip a long term injury in the bud quickly before it gets to the surgery stage.
    If you must run, lay off the hills, ice it or at least cold water in the shower on it once or twice a day. Get your foam roller on the hamstrings to avoid tightening around the knee.
    Sounds like you are a seasoned runner, so you should know when you need to rest, but 30 mins with a physio should tell you exactly what is going wrong.

    Good luck

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    update : bought a ultrasound machine on Amazon and been using it twice a day for the last 4 days - noticeable improvement already - no pain at night (had three good nights sleep) and driving is noticeably easier - running still a little sore but hopefully that will improve - i know it may simply be down to pain reduction rather than repair at the moment but its deffo helping. 
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    I agree with Jake – get a professional to look at it, I had knee pain and messed around for 12 months having ultrasound, Physio and doing strength exercise and although they eased the pain it did not fix the cause so never totally went away. I ended up having an MRI and found I had a tear in my meniscal cartilage – got keyhole surgery and back on my feet running in 8 weeks I now feel I wasted year.
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    gave in and went to Docs -  always reassuring when he takes one look at your knee and in 10 seconds has you booked for a scan! Messed with kneecap and it was 'cricking' as he moved it too easily around - said he could visually see a difference in my two knees - sounds ominous :(
  • Ouch! Good luck.
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