marathon event on half marathon training?

Hi all just a quick one
I ran my first marathon last year on a paleo diet (no refined sugar, no gels, no pasta or rice! for last 2 years....mostly!) and recovering from complex hip surgery - hip arthroscopy (following some lovely f$%kin joy riders crashed into my car leaving me and my daughter and left us for dead :/ ). Since then I mainly do HMs. PB now 1.52.
I am stupidly itching for another full (completed in 4.44 last Oct). I didnt hit the wall and recovered quickly. Ran on half a banana, coconut water and nuts- now fat adapted. I reckon I can break 4.30 but will struggle to train the full marathon training as intense and hip can flare up with covering so many miles
Do you think its doable to maintain the HMs - i'll do about 4/5 this year (aiming to break 1.50 or less by the end of the season) and chuck in a measured steady full Marathon that breaks 4.30?
Appreciate your thoughts
Thanks Tim


  • my thoughts are; it appears you have a strong running base to start from. therefore yes you could do a full on half training but I would suggest it would have to be at a slow pace.

    I suppose it is the risk factor that you should consider, particularly as you want to hit a time goal which may cause you to put too much pressure on your hip.

    there are other challenges that you can consider such as long distance cycling challenges.

    If you have a dedicated sport/athletics physio near you they would be the best people to approach as they will have a better idea of your hip problem after assessment and they will be able to adjust a marathon running plan to suit your physical capabilities.

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