Should I get a Garmin FR235?

QrszxQrszx ✭✭
I already decided it has the features I want, but the age of it worries me slightly. Basically, I have a feeling there'll be a Forerunner 245 (or equivalent) in October. There is always that feeling with tech of missing out on the new killer feature. I guess I have 3 options:

1. Buy a 235 now and enjoy it.
2. Wait until the '245' comes out and buy the 235 at a better price.
3. Wait until the '245' comes out and buy it, enjoying all the teething troubles and costs of a new product.

Any ideas?


  • PatrickBPatrickB ✭✭✭
    I'd buy it now. There will always be something better which will come along, that's just the way the game works. The 235 or 230 aren't outdated, they're good watches. The 230 and 235 just happen to be cheaper because of age but they still have lots of the features that a Fenix 5 or other top of the range watch has.
  • QrszxQrszx ✭✭
    Thanks for replying. I ended up getting one as a surprise birthday present last week and I love it!
  • Hijacking this post. My brilliant trusty 310xt has finally given up. Buttons on side and split rubber. Thinking of either 630, 735XT or Fenix 3. Liking idea of latter as I use mainly off road and accurate altimeter sounds good. Any views or pros/cons?
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