Hip flexor strain!

Returned to running 4 weeks ago now I've been diagnosed with hip flexor strain, on Wednesday told to take ibuprofen, pain killers, ice hip and complete rest. How long should it take before I should be pain free, move properly and sit down without having to straighten my right leg in the air and fall into seat? Baths and going to the toilet right now is Comedy Central! How long do hip flexors take to heal?


  • Who diagnosed a hip flexor strain and how did they diagnose it? Which muscle is it and at which point of the muscle?
  • Doctor at the walk in centre, quicker than GP and A&E, he got me to walk away from him and to him, then lay down and asked me to do certain movements, then stand up to see how high I could raise my leg when straight and if I could get my leg with a bent knee to 90 degrees from my body. Then felt along hip and around hip. Seriously impressed by how thorough he was, said hip flexor strain needing total rest, pills and ice, told when pain free to start gradual stretching exercises to stretch and strengthen my hip flexor, he didn't say which one or point in muscle.

    It is a lot better no pain today and have done a few very basic hip flexor stretches without pain then I have iced it.
  • I'm surprised the doctor who diagnosed you didn't tell you how long it would take for your hip flexor strain to heal. I strained one of my hip flexor muscles not too long ago and I feel like it's almost healed completely, and I would say it took about 3 to 4 weeks but my strain was very mild.

    I've read here - https://hipflexorsinfo.com/hip-flexor-strain-exercises/ and here - https://www.summitmedicalgroup.com/library/adult_health/sma_iliopsoas_tendonitis/ that it depends on the severity of the strain, but in most cases it takes up to 6 to 8 weeks for a strained hip flexor to fully heal.
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