Kent Coastal Half Marathon - Sun 3rd Sep 2017

Just entered the above as a warm up for Chicago...

Looking at previous results it looks like a tough course - anyone experienced it first hand?


  • That's funny. I've also entered this race as a warm-up race for Chicago :). I've never done the race before though. I've heard it's a bit hilly, and the wind can be a problem since it's on the coast.
  • Good stuff!

    How's Chicago training going? What are you targeting for the half and the full maras??

    I know last year this was a really hot day which would have slowed everyone down, but like you say I've also heard it a bit hilly....

  • The training's going good thanks. However, I started a bit late as I had a long race mid-June and it took me a month to get over it, so I only started training hard in mid-July.

    I'm hoping for sub-3 at Chicago, but I reckon I'm at 3:05-3:10 shape at the moment so it may be a bit of a stretch. For the half, I'd like to beat my time from the Great Northern run last year and go sub-1:27, but that be a little tough if the course really is hilly.

    How's your training going? We only have about six weeks to go then it's taper time :-).
  • That must have been some long race in June! I've yet to do anything longer than 26.2 but might be tempted one day....

    Still plenty of training days left so that sub-3 might still be on!

  • Good luck anyone running this on Sunday - still don't really know what to expect as the course is described as undulating/fairly flat, but other comments describe it as pretty hilly!

    Guess everyone has different interpretations based on what they're used to, so as I hail from East Anglia I expect it will be mountainous!

  • I ran the course a couple of weeks ago as a training run. I think undulating/fairly flat would be a good way of describing it. There are sections of the course that are flat (the bits along the promenades), but a lot of the course goes along the top of the cliffs which can involve some hills :-). I think it should be a relatively quick course if the weather is good.
  • HELP! - I've registered for the half-marathon on Sunday and come to realise (rather late) there is no public transport to Margate that arrives on time! Would anybody be travelling from (or through or even near to) Gravesend on route??? Would happily compensate for petrol costs. Please help as its my first ever half-marathon, and I'm anxious enough already. Thanks
  • Ah sorry robatkinuk I didn't see your post till after the race. I hope you managed to get there okay. Cliftonville's a beast to get to at that time on a Sunday morning unless you have a car :(.
  • Hope you made it robatkinuk!
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