I have difficulty running in spectacles because a) they get steamed up and, b) I have bifocals which give a distorted view of the ground. Can anyone recommend a wristwatch with particularly large figures on the face?


  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    Have you considered contact lenses ?

    I've been wearing one-day disposable lenses since I started running last year with no problems.Had to start wearing them as I had come a cropper too many times in the wet when wearing specs.
  • I have a similar problem. I use a Timex Rush VO2 watch. Don't know if it is still avaILABLE, but it has lovely big numbers.
  • Martin,

    Have a look at the Nike watches. I saw some in Sweatshop and they looked like they had very large digits - nice design too.

    Hope this helps
  • Has to be Nike - excellent large digits
  • it may be extreme but how about a talking stopwatch see
    Talking stopwatch

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