lloyd release procedure

Having been dogged for nearly 2 years with groin/inguinal pain and a torn adductor and seeing several docs I eventually got referred to see David Lloyd down at Leicester to have 'the Lloyd release procedure' I am now almost 2 weeks post op and just want to see if anyone else has had this done and get any feedback on how anyone else got on with it??


  • Hi all

    Just to let everyone know that the Surgeon 'David Lloyd' at the Leicester spire lea hospital is a conman, not to be trusted. This butcher surgeon goes about diagnosing innocent people with conditions they don't even have for profit.
    He has even updated his website to help cover up his mistakes and with the amount of complains he receives, such as being caring and professional person, which couldn't be further from the truth. He is just trying to fool everyone by making them believe that your in good hands which is all a cover up.

    Here is a video which proofs it!


    Any questions leave a comment
  • type this into you tube search


    and see what this butcher surgeon did the me..

    no body should trust him..

    now all I think about is suicide and how to end this misery!
  • Hi all, just to let you know that Jake Enfield is not this mans real name. He has been posting things like this for years and we regularly have to get the police involved. We are again going to pursue these defamatory comments. Prof Lloyd is a highly regarded and respected surgeon,  please look at the amazing feedback he receives from his patients. 
  • Hi all
    The above comment from runnerbean58 is a member of david lloyds team at the hospital, probably the secretary trying to cover up his incompetence. 
    Also of course it not my real name you retard! The truth is you can't do to nothing about it. No police have been involved or contacted me, it all a bluff. I even have a video which is broadcast on every social media site, forum and even TV broadcasters. Everyone will see what this asshole did to me, I have proof, so you are screwed forever. 
    You say that my comments are deformatory, when in fact they are completely true which is what you don't like and will try anything in your power to cover up.
    The reality is that Dr Lloyd seems to think that everyone who gets referred to him needs a lloyd release procedure and he will make a quick and careless decision to diagnose you with groin problems. In my case dr lloyd pressed on my groin and I moaned a little in discomfort and from that he told me I needed a lyold release. How disrespectful is that? Usually we like to think we can trust doctors and the information they tell us. However, David lloyd takes advantage of this fact and believes that patients are gulable and easy to mislead. He is mainly interested in getting elite athletes back on form , as his reputation would be on the line if he messed up one of them up! But everyone else he doesn't give a dam about. The patient feedback is also a load of lies! What you haven't mentioned is the amount of patient who haven't benifted from the operation and have been left in a worst position than they were originally in.. but anyway you brush them aside and a least you got some money from them, which is all david lloyd and the hospital care about.. making a profit!  
    For future reference, don't threaten me with the involvement of the police. There is nothing you can do. I can tell my story to anyone I like and there's nothing you can do. In fact,  go ahead... get the police involved I'm sure they would love to lock away david lloyd for all the butchering and unnecessary operations he has performed on innocent people. 
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