'Ultimate Triathlon'

Just wondered if anyone has done the 'Ultimate Triathlon' in WHitchurch.? If so, what was it like? A good first time long distance triathlon? 


  • It all depends on what you want your first long distance race to be like

    For me I think the bike course along a dual carriage way is awful, I would much prefer something with at least a little bit of scenery

    But I have heard good reviews about the event
  • The race information for this year's event includes this gem:

    "We support membership of the BTF and therefore we recognise BTF members. In order to verify your BTF membership please show your current BTF licence at registration or you will be required to pay the £5.00 difference."Which can be translated as "We haven't bothered to apply for a BTA permit but we're going to pretend we have and take the opportunity to make an extra few quid from non-members. Which given that we're also promoting this as 'beginner friendly', will be most of you."

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