Nike Flyknit Racer?

DorbsDorbs ✭✭
They look good, i've seen some positive reviews but how have others fared with them? Are they adequate for 30-35 miles a week mileage or more of a fashion shoe?


  • BeetleBeetle ✭✭✭
    Not a fashion shoe - a very good racing shoe. My favourite in fact (tho` I`ve alway got on well with Nike racing shoes).

    Extraordinarily light and supisingly supportive for that a lightweight racer.

    Grip good on wet roads

    Designed for a neutral footstrker with good biomechanics, i.e. biomechinally efficient runners. Also  - probably not ideal for the `heavier` runner`.

    I personally wouldn`t train full time in them (I`m talking marathon training, mind you). I will run 1-2/week over moderate distances: my other 5 weekly runs would be in something more solid (in my case Hoka Clifton3s).

    As I get closer to a marathon, I would do a number of long runs in them.

    Would also add they wear down quite quickly.
  • Brilliant, thank you. Just received them, they feel nice on the foot.

    I'm half marathon training currently, around 30-35 miles a week. Would you advise another shoe for longer runs then, or alternate?
  • I would save the Nike Flyknit Racers as a race day only shoe. They are prone to wear out quickly on hard abrasive surfaces like pavement, asphalt and roads. Invest in a  pair of trainers or light trainers to log your training miles and save your race shoes for race day.
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