21'st Birthday Prezzie for my Son

Anyone got any good ideas for a 21'st Birthday present for my son ?

My wife and I are completely out of ideas. He's said that he wants something nice to keep and we've been through the usual list of things with him and he's said he doesn't want any of them. (Not in an ungrateful way, just that he doesn't want them).

Ideas we've had and discounted are :

TV for his student digs
Any other tech (phones/ tablets/ games etc)
Sports gear

He's a third year Law student, quite big into sports and with a very active social & love life.

We were planning to spend around £500, so no suggestions of new cars etc please. I was thinking of maybe a watch, but he already has two or three nice ones and £500 is a bit of a no mans land. 

He wouldn't be too hung up on the value. I don't think that it'd bother him if what we bought cost £25 or £500 if it was something he wanted.

Does anyone have any bright ideas ? I've already asked his mates and he's not been dropping any hints.


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