Nike Pegasus 34 - has lump in left shoe in 33s been fixed?

I know lots of other people had problems with the left shoe being mishapen, here and in the US.

Has anyone had that problem with the 33 and then tried the 34s and found they are OK?

I loved the 32 and want to try the 34 if they are fixed.

Many many thanks  :)


  • There is a better option to the Nike Pegasus 34 but you have to spend a little more for more cushioning and a lighter shoe in the Nike Zoom Fly.
  • Thanks for the tip and I will bear it in mind. But for now, as John Lewis had the pegasus for £60 and the best I could find the Zoom Fly for was ~£120, I ordered a pair and will send them back if shit.
  • I've also had success with the Pegasus 32 but then tried a pair of Adidas Supernova Boost. The Pegasus went soft on the heel of my right shoe and the Adidas damaged my left toe nail. I am currently wearing an unmatched pair - Pegasus on the left foot, Adidas on the right. Looks odd but feels great.
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