Garmin Forerunner 35 - activity wont upload to Garmin connect

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I cant seem to upload my latest run. I have never had this problem before and can view all my prior runs/bikes etc.  I uploaded Sundays bike ride without issue but not yesterdays run.  It tells me that it's syncing ok.  I can view the run on my watch so it's not that i have deleted it.  Anyone had this before? I have raised with Garmin by email. I tried to call but there was a 25 min waiting time.  Just wondering if anyone had any tips or had this before?  


  • Hi yeah happens to me every now and then, it is possible it is something to do with powerr saving or location settings, not 100% sure though.  A little bit of restarting watch, restarting phone, unpairing and repairing fixes it usually

    Hope that helps
  • I also saw the same issue today. My cycling activity is on watch only, did not get synced up with mobile app. Is there any solution to this? I have followed all the steps mentioned in but all in vain.
  • This has also happened to me a couple of times in the past few weeks - once on a really good run I was keen to see the stats for so very frustrating. I've also tried turning off/on, unsyncing etc. as Richard suggested but to no avail. Anyone else experiencing this? I only just got a garmin so not sure if this is usual
  • Wouldn't bother trying to contact Garmin as they have pretty poor customer service. Good watched though. I had this issue last night. Bizarrely, I switched my phone off and on and i registered the run and synched with Strava. I have had to soft reset in the past though.
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