Dam you tracheitis! - 4 weeks before next race!!!

So, my training has been going so well for the Great Scottish Run - target time to smash 90 minutes since last years doesn't count due to the distance irregularity. Had a good run last Thursday evening, woke on Friday with a sore throat and head, which has only got worse. Went to the docs on Monday who diagnosed Tracheitis, and told me not to run for a couple of weeks as it could get worse still or lead to longer term issues. So, putting health first, has anyone here got any experience of Tracheitis and how it affected training, racing? Seems that I get something happen to me before every event I enter! 

I also have the 15 mile Illuminator Run later next month so had been training to a plan that took me to 16 road miles. Last Thursdays run was 13.1 miles in 1.34. 
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